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224 pages
Apr 2005
Integrity Publishers

The Divine Visitor

by Jack Hayford

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The Divine Visitor will be a welcome addition to any readerís bookshelf!

Itís no secret that Jack Hayford has a way with words. In this book, he uses his creativity to richly describe what Christ came to do for us. Yet, the author takes readers beyond the suffering of Christ and into a more meaningful application of His visit. These pages will remind readers that the work of Christ did not end on the cross, but transcends time to bring us power for today.

Written in an orderly arrangement, the book begins by looking at the reasons why Jesus came. It then introduces various aspects of His divine visit and their implications to todayís Christian. Each chapter begins with a vignette, followed by the voice of the author bringing another spiritual truth to the mind and heart of the reader. It seems as if every sentence pulsates with the breath of life.

The words used to describe the person and work of Christ are both penetrating and poignant. Readers will get a true sense of His love, His life and the liberation He provided. This book is a spiritually perceptive look into the most important event that ever happened on our planet. Gently enfolded in these pages is the power of a life that could not be held by death. Jack Hayford captured a moment in time and revealed its eternal significance to every one of us.

May the words of The Divine Visitor find a home in every readerís heart. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

For a brief moment in history, Jesus Christ stooped to earth and became a man. He suffered for us, experienced our pain, felt our grief. In The Divine Visitor, Jack Hayford shares his insight into the reasons and results of that holy visit and brings each of us to the place where we can meet the Savior face to face. With sensitive insight and dramatic prose, Dr. Hayford draws readers to a deeper understanding of what Christ came to accomplish through His incarnation, His suffering, His wounds, His blood and His death.