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192 pages
Jan 2006
Integrity Publishers

Second Calling: Passion and Purpose for the Rest of Your Life

by Dale Hanson Bourke

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In 1985, Dale Hanson Bourke published You Can Make Your Dreams Come True, a book designed to encourage women to believe in themselves, their passions, and their power in God to realize their dreams. Two decades later, her latest book, Second Calling: Passion & Purpose for the Rest of Your Life, could be its sequel. For Second Calling is all about life after the dream has been achieved. Or not.

Patterned on the book of Ruth, Second Calling is written for women “in or approaching the second half of . . . life.” And it’s especially relevant to those who spent the first half of their lives pursuing their dreams, whether successfully or not, only to find as they transition into mid-life that they no longer have the energy and drive they once had.

After the death of her husband and sons, the future looked bleak as Naomi packed her things, dispatched her daughters-in-law, and headed out of Moab back to Judah. But Ruth refused to leave, so together they made their way to Bethlehem where Naomi instructed the women to call her “Mara, because the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me.” At that moment, when all seemed lost, Naomi had no way of knowing that God would use her life to bless future generations.

Through this study of Naomi’s life, Bourke encourages women to realize that when age inevitably takes its toll on our energy and vitality, when our dreams have either been realized or given up, our lives can still have meaning and purpose. Once the busyness has slowed, God can finally get our attention and show us, as He did Naomi, that it’s not what we can do for Him, but what He can do through us that ultimately matters.

“Naomi became part of the greatest story ever told,” writes Bourke, “not because of what she did in the first half of her life but because of what God did through her in the second half.”

Naomi’s second calling was to be “called the grandmother of baby Obed, who later becomes the grandfather of David.” Only God knows what unique second calling He has in mind for each of us, but, according to Bourke, Naomi’s story “is evidence that God wants to tell a story through us as well.” In Second Calling, Dale Hanson Bourke has issued a gentle invitation to women in mid-life and beyond to relinquish control of our lives and to rest in God’s grace while He writes “the rest of [our] story.” – Linda Whitlock, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Your best years are yet to come...

In the quiet of your soul, you can hear it. Not the shouts of advertisers telling you to hold on to your youth, but something far deeper, more subtle. "Its a whisper of something new. A gentle voice that seems to say, Ahh, now that I have your attention..."

Take a long, fresh look at yourself, and you'll discover that you are also softer, gentler, wiser and more calm than you have ever been. Now combine that developing maturity with spiritual passion, and then you'll know: You are about to experience something bigger than you ever imagined in the first half of your life.

"God was with us through all of the broken heels, chipped nails, dead-end jobs, broken marriages, less-than-perfect children, bad perms, fad diets, lost friendships, and PMS of the first half of our lives, says author Dale Hanson Bourke, but he wants us to really be with him now... He wants us to know that just as he can take a woman [like the Bible's Naomi] who feels bitter and empty to being full to overflowing, so, too, can he transform even our best lives into something so much more."

If you are wondering if the best of life has already passed you by, Second Calling will prepare you for the adventure of your lifetime. God is waiting to take you on a journey that will change you and your friends and that could change the world.