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Trade Paperback
242 pages
May 2006
Integrity Publishers

Making Peace with Your Thighs

by Dr. Linda Mintle

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The pages in this book flutter like tiny white flags calling for a truce! While most women are waging war with various body parts that they consider less than perfect, the wisdom of Dr. Linda Mintle can negotiate a lasting peace.

Body dissatisfaction is an epidemic, affecting women of all ages. Yet, these pages clearly show that this discontent goes more than skin deep; it reaches into the mind where it does the most damage. While the media bombards us with images of flawless female bodies, women are falling prey to slick advertisers and specialized cosmetic surgeries. Thankfully, there is a solution to this mindset.

Dr. Mintle, one of the nationís leading authorities on food, understands the thinking behind the disappointment with our bodies and starts from that point. She leads readers around the minefields of media-inspired misconceptions to the liberating truth of Godís Word. Balancing medical facts with spiritual principles provides readers with a multi-dimensional look at this subject. Causing women to examine the real underlying motivation behind their perceptions uncovers lies that lead to erroneous and sometimes dangerous beliefs.

Writing with a conversational tone, as well as a delightful touch of humor, the author gently comes alongside readers in an honest and humble attempt to change their thinking. Facts and faith dovetail perfectly, reinforcing the clear principles set forth. While this subject lends itself to a more physical perspective, there is a wonderful emphasis on the soul and spirit as well. Women will be encouraged to look to their Creator for power and positive reinforcement. Cultural misconceptions will fade as the Light of the Word shines with a steady and searching intensity.

Dr. Linda Mintle offers readers some mental calisthenics that stretches their thinking to the perfect size! Ė Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

From actresses and models to CEOs, housewives, teachers and moms, body obsession is eating away at women's souls and causing anxiety from middle school to mid-life. It's our one common denominator as females, says Dr. Linda Mintle, celebrity or not. And the cultural whiplash to be thin "but not too thin" has left many victims in its path, including the author . . . until she learned what it took to stop the obsessive cycle.

Her experiences, which she shares in this book--some of them hilarious and some of them poignant--affirm that we don't have to carry this anxiety with us from womb to tomb. But giving up the baggage, she says, involves getting a grip on who we are, what we believe and why we care so much about our looks. This book, from one of the nation's leading authorities on eating disorders, will be your friend and guide.