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224 pages
Jan 2007
Thomas Nelson

Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God's Deliverance

by Beth Moore

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As the title implies, Beth Moore's personal growth book, Get Out Of That Pit: Straight Talk About God's Deliverance, urges her readers to do just that. Moore states that everyone, including herself, can be unwittingly drawn into a life of dwelling in his or her own problems, or pits. In a highly-effective way, Get Out Of That Pit employs both inspiration and instruction to help readers find the salvation from the pits where they might be living.

Using biblical examples of people in the pits, combined with illustrations from her own life and the lives of those she has loved and counseled, Moore gives her readers a look at the kinds of pits in which they might get trapped, how to avoid them, and how to get out if they are already trapped inside. As a teacher, public speaker, wife, and mother, Beth Moore has encountered many situations that she now uses for the educational benefit of her readers. Beth Moore's style—gentle honesty and encouragement through sharing previous triumphs—makes Get Out Of That Pit a compelling read, and separates it from the dozens of books on the same topic that already populate bookstore shelves.

Of particular interest is Moore's close study of when Joseph's brothers threw him into a pit (Genesis 17), mainly because Moore takes a well-known Bible illustration and draws her readers into a deeper examination of this tale. Whether you are a reader who has been pushed into a pit, one who has found yourself inside one suddenly, or one who has jumped in headfirst, Beth Moore provides the practical instruction to help you extract yourself from it. To break the chain of distraction, addiction, and destruction, Moore advises her readers to cry out, confess, and consent. Get Out Of That Pit then lists several real-life examples of people in the throes of each of these three steps.

The most refreshing aspect of Beth Moore's book is the genuine character of the author, which reverberates through the entire text—this author is a real person who obviously wants to use her personal struggles to help her readers. Also, this book includes reflection questions corresponding to each chapter of the book, and a whole week's worth of devotional materials. Moore's latest volume on personal growth is appropriate and recommended for anyone who feels stuck in a pit and could use some help getting out. – Meg D. R. Tepfer, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Beth Moore wants readers to know if God could lift her out of the pit, He can get ANYONE out! She admits she wasn't just a visitor; this former pit-dweller had to be delivered from acres of life-accumulated dirt, bone-chilling darkness, spirit-deadening anger, heart-breaking desperation and mind-numbing confusion. The permanent lessons she learned in her desperation-shared in this very personal book-are lessons of hope for all of us. While she deeply empathizes with the hows and whys of life in the "pit," she continually points readers to the deliverance that awaits.

Deliverance is for everyone, she proclaims-no matter how you got stuck, no matter how long you've been down, whether you think you deserve it or not. And in her straight-talking but loving style, she reminds readers that deliverance can begin for them this very day.