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Trade Paperback
153 pages
Mar 2004
Journey Forth

The Search for the Silver Eagle

by Ed Dunlop

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"Hans, Gretchen, and their father, who has escaped from his enforced service with the Third Reich, take the new surname, Von Edler, and move to Vichy France, a seemingly safe haven. Soon Vichy France falls to the Nazis and only their false surname protects them. An American pilot crashes nearby. The Von Edlerís and their new friends manage to find and hide him before the Nazis capture him. Once again facing grave danger, Hans and Gretchen, aided by their Papa, French resistance fighters, and a secret agent, rescue an Allied top-secret aircraft gun from under the very noses of the Nazis.

"Firmly reinforcing his Young Refugee novels with historical, geographical, technical, and mountaineering data, Ed Dunlop delivers gripping, suspenseful, worthwhile fiction. The straightforward plots, well garnished with surprising twists and mysteries, simple, evocative wording, and interesting characterization quickly capture the readerís imagination. Christian thought and principals grow naturally within the plot and include, among other things: how hate warps the Christian; prejudice; trust and prayer in desperate situations; the influence of absent parents; the interplay of cowardice, fear, and heroism; witnessing about Christ; accepting Christ as Savior; facing oneís own imminent death; and, witnessing both Christian and non-Christian death of both children and adults. Written for nine through twelve year olds The Young Refugees series will be useful for both individual and group reading in church, school, or family. Since these books give voice to many of the frightening questions that arise in todayís children, The Young Refugeeís are valuable discussion starters." -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

No longer safe in Switzerland, Hans, Gretchen, and Papa settle in France using name changes to throw off the relentless pursuit of the Nazis. The family becomes involved in a daring rescue that could save France, their homeland - maybe even the free world. But the enemy covets the prize, forcing the three heroes and their friends into harrowing chases and narrow escapes. Ages 9-12.