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Trade Paperback
144 pages
Nov 2004

George Mueller: A Father to the Fatherless

by Rebecca Davis

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Not your typical good little Christian boy--George Mueller was the lad who stole from his father, and later the ministerial student who knew the best places to get drunk and gamble--before he was a father to the fatherless. Seven- to nine-year-olds will enjoy reading how this really bad boy became a great rescuer/missionary to the orphans of England. Born in Germany to Lutheran parents in the early 1800s, Mueller was a young man when he found the Lord during a simple, home church service. From then on, his aim was to give glory to God.

What adventures of faith he had: trusting God totally for his and his families’ needs; learning to pray so completely in the Lord's will that his prayers were always answered; preaching and teaching; helping people during a cholera epidemic, yet not becoming sick himself; rescuing the neglected, starving, homeless orphans the plague created; sitting orphans down to an empty table with no food in the house and receiving the food before the grace was finished; having no extra money, yet building many group homes for his orphans; and in later years, traveling worldwide to encourage the orphans and their rescuers in many lands.

The third in Rebecca Davis' Christian biographies series, George Mueller will bring enjoyment, learning, and spiritual growth to the whole family. Without glamorizing the sin, Davis tells the story exactly like it is. Aimed at elementary children, there is enough true and exciting adventure, sorrow, and joy in this book to interest everyone from preschoolers to adults. George Mueller makes an especially good choice for a family read-together session or devotion time. Schools and church groups will enjoy reading and discussing it. Then, you will want to try Rebecca Davis' other two books: With Daring Faith (Amy Carmichael), and Fanny Crosby: Queen of Gospel Songs. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The name George Mueller lights up the pages of modern church history with a rare radiance that still warms the hearts of Christians the world over. Now the story of Mueller's great faith and lifelong service comes alive with fresh brilliance for seven- to nine-year old readers. Youngsters will be inspired by Rebecca Davis's biography covering Mueller's troubled preconversion years and then his life as a dedicated servant of the Lord. Young people will relate to the plight of the orphaned children Mueller mercifully rescued and cared for, and, they will wonder at his many accounts of answered prayer. Lovingly penned with vivid detail, George Mueller brings to life the day and time in which he lived and the many, many lives he touched.