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Trade Paperback
280 pages
Jul 2005
Journey Forth

Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia

by Thomas J. Brodeur

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History cleverly combines with mystery to bring young readers an exciting look at the beginning of the American Revolution. Rachel Winslow, daughter of a wealthy ship owner, comes to the aid of the Patriots in a very unusual way. By disguising herself as the ghost of Regina Silsby, she is able to haunt the streets of Boston, as she spies on the Redcoats.

Young adults will find this novel to be a page-turner, with its steady supply of action and adventure. Rachel is a wonderful heroine who is filled with both a sense of daring and a humble spirit. She continually seeks the Lord’s blessing and protection as she serves her country in this most remarkable way. Her prayers reflect a vibrant trust in God and will be an encouragement to all readers.

Most interesting was the historical aspect. The author remained true to this time period and included many details about Colonial life. The inner workings of both the British and the Patriots’ militia were portrayed with a sense of realism. George Washington enters the story, allowing readers a glimpse into the strategies that eventually brought success to his army.

The character of Rachel embodies a true patriotic spirit. Although she’s a young person, she shows by her actions that God can work through anyone who is willing to submit to His will. As the Revolutionary War begins, she maintains a steady composure and courtesy to those around her as she seeks to help the Patriots. Hopefully, readers will see more of this wonderful heroine in future books! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The British army’s worst nightmare becomes a reality when rumors spread that the legendary ghost Regina Silsby has returned to defend pre-Revolution Boston. And the situation grows even more grim for the redcoats when they begin to believe that she is not alone this time. Even the brash Major Cauldon gets nervous as he sees his ranks thinning under this well-coordinated, and apparently well-connected menace.

Young adult readers will thrill at the daring feats and foibles in this magnificent sequel to Regina Silsby’s Secret War.