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Trade Paperback
88 pages
Jan 2006

Looking for Home

by Eileen M. Berry

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A reading book for six- and seven-year-olds, Looking for Home is narrated by the adventurous Micah. He and his big sister Liz run headlong into escapades as they explore their new home. It is very unlike what their former experiences have been – lots of new rules and territory, and different people. One day while digging for buried treasure in the apartment gardens, which is probably against one of those new rules, Micah and Liz meet a lonesome, retired widow who is having every bit as much trouble settling in as Micah and Liz. The three decide to join forces. Include a kitten (there’s a no-pets rule), pirates and pilgrims, transplanting a rosebush, bugs as a gift, and a few other antics and you have a delightful mix.

Looking for Home will be happily read by its target audience and will also make a good read-aloud book for the family or younger scholars. Homeschoolers and Christian schools will particularly enjoy this book. Children will identify with Micah and Liz in this fun story with a clever mix of problems and solutions. It considers these from both a child’s and an adult’s viewpoint. The main emphasis is changing homes, but it also ponders sibling cooperation, love for your neighbor, and respect within the family. The cute black-and-white illustrations ably illuminate this tale. Centered on Christian morals, Looking for Home is basically a reading book and does not preach a sermon.

Looking for Home comes from Journey Forth, a publisher which provides many books for Christian families, schools, and homeschoolers. The author, Eileen Berry has also written Roses on Baker Street, and Haiku On Your Shoe. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Humor, love, kindness, and sympathy cross the generations in this heartwarming story of homesick neighbors who come together over the prospect of buried treasure.