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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Oct 2003
Charisma House

The Anointing

by R.T. Kendall

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"The Anointing by R. T. Kendall speaks to both pastors and ministry leaders by defining "anointing" to mean the eternal Holy Spirit functioning from the Old Testament through now. He explains that the Lord has blessed His Church through many signs of His Presence and, at various times, by visible manifestations of His Spirit. Kendall believes that the Church today tries to hold onto past experiences of the Holy Spirit's outward, observable witness as a necessary basis for faith and service. He disagrees with that.

"King Saul is Kendall's example of 'yesterday's man.' At one time Saul heard the voice of the Lord, but because he often disobeyed God's specific instructions, God removed Saul's power of anointing. Kendall draws a parallel to Christians who have felt they were in God's will, but because of disobedience they have tainted their once good relationship with God. Even stronger, Kendall says that if the Church tries to hold God to recreating past manifestations of His power (speaking in tongues, creating times of mass revival), then the Church will stay in the past and will be ineffective in using God's grace to advance the current workings of the Spirit.

"The prophet Samuel is Kendall's example of 'today's man or woman.' Samuel was called to discern the Lord's direction and to stand for God's will, even if it was painful and disagreed with human wisdom. Samuel loved King Saul and helped him until God told Samuel that Saul's reign was to end. Samuel then announced that David would be made king. Samuel had learned to discern God's voice. Today, modern Christians need to have such a strong bond with the Lord, they will know His words, His ways, and His callings on their lives.

"David is Kendall's 'man of tomorrow.' When David was anointed, he did not immediately assume the throne. Instead, he allowed God to bring him aside for testing, training, and refining. This was all preparation for a coming day when he would accept all responsibilities for ruling Israel. David learned obedience by waiting on God's timing, although there were many instances when David could have taken matters into his own hands. Today, Christians need to be preparing themselves through Bible study and church service for future missions God has for them.

"Dr. Kendall has spent decades studying the subject of anointing. He was educated at Southern Baptist Seminary and at Oxford University. He pastured for 25 years at Westminster Chapel in London and has written more than 30 books related to theology. He writes as though he is speaking personally to the reader, and is humble, sharing, and open. From this book's title it might give the impression that he might be out to promote a charismatic view of Christianity. However, even though Kendall does cite instances of God's moving in the Pentecostal church, he also incorporates many other venues as examples of God's working power. Any Christian wanting to find his or her "place" in the modern Christian movement will benefit from reading this book." -- Mrs. Cynthia Duvall

Book Jacket:

Do you have a fear of being a "has-been"? Although you may long to be blessed by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, R.T. Kendall believes it is possible to abuse this anointing- and become yesterday's man or woman. This happens by trying to move outside your calling and capabilities, for example, or even through impatience.

Drawing on the Bible, especially the lives of Saul, Samuel and David, as well as his own experience, he helps you to identify your current usefulness and urges you to seek a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit each day.

God wants to give His anointing to everyone. But have you stepped into your fullness and potential? Don't let your past ruin what God has for you today. Don't be too busy to hear His voice. Learn how to wait patiently for God's perfect timing and the promotion tht will be here tomorrow. The fresh anointing is available to you...right now.