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112 pages
Jun 2004
Charisma House

Fasting Made Easy

by Dr. Don Colbert

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Fasting Made Easy by Don Colbert, M.D., was written to demonstrate how fasting can radically improve our physical health in addition to being a discipline to increase our spiritual walk with Christ. Many reasons are listed as reasons for fasting, such as physical ailments, the "American Diet," and various sources of pollutants. The author believes that short or more extended fasts have a definite health benefit for most people. Dr. Don Colbert is a M.D. and has written a number of books on Bible cures of various diseases.

Dr. Colbert sites examples of many diseases that are reduced or cured through very limited fasting. The scriptures teach restraint and wise selection of food for physical and mental health.

"Not only can fasting PREVENT sickness by allowing the body to rest and cleanse itself, but fasting also has amazing healing benefits for people who are already suffering illness and disease," Dr. Corbert states. Both Dr. Corbert and his wife practice fasting, and he recommends juice fasting as a primary method. He further gives guidelines for different kinds of fasting depending on the illness and blood type. He also includes suggested foods (mainly raw) and juices to consume.

I found this book very helpful and beneficial, with exercise and prayer included in his suggestions. My husband and I have done some fasting and believe in the value of raw foods and exercise as an excellent approach to many diseases. Many people searching for an alternative to medicine will be helped by studying this book. -- Dorothy Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Almost every person has wondered if there are really any benefits to fasting. Dr. Don Colbert, author of the bestseller Toxic Relief, has now written a book that outlines the needs, benefits, and lifestyle of fasting from both physical and spiritual perspectives. Aware that readers are living in a toxic world, Dr. Colbert presents an easy-to-understand instruction manual that offers a step-by-step fasting protocol for better health. This will be readily accepted by people who want to increase their fitness in all areas of their lives.

Topics covered in Fasting Made Easy include:

  • Why should I fast?
  • How should I fast?
  • When should I fast?
  • How do I maintain a fasted lifestyle?
  • How important is my attitude?
  • What are the healthy choices I should make -- body and spirit?