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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Jul 2004
Charisma House

Dying with Grace

by Judson Cornwall

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Dying With Grace, by Judson Cornwall, is an honest insiderís look at terminal illness. Diagnosed with cancer in 2001, Cornwall details his struggles of faith and healing. As an itinerant minister for 27 years and now as a homebound minister, Cornwall demonstrates the plan and purpose of God in the midst of inexplicable circumstances and pain.

Drawing heavily from the word of God, both in life and as an author, readers are exhorted to go before the Lord and seek His plans and purpose for their life and ministry. This easy to read book includes a question and answer section on things to do, things not to do, and how to be of assistance to the ill and their caregivers.

Cornwall comforts with the comfort he himself has received, naming what were encouragements as well as discouragements in his struggle. The reader is literally drawn to the authorís bedside for a heartening chat on life, death, and the hope we have in Christ.

The author has limited use of outside resources, but extensive citation of his previous works, which is initially off-putting. However, the sincerity of the message and the obvious surrender to the will and ways of God overrides any seeming pride. Cornwall has lived a blessed life and continues to do so, amidst suffering. If you are dealing with a terminal illness, are ministering to someone who is, or will face death some day, this book is a sensitive treatment of considerations before departing for the hereafter. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Embark for Heaven Without Fear!

Are you terminally ill? Do you have a loved one who has only a short time to live? This insightful and encouraging book will enable you to find the comfort and consolation of God in your season of distress.

Renowned Bible teacher Judson Cornwall, whose itinerant ministry ended in 2001 after he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer on his spine, offers a guided step-by-step process that will help you remove the fear often attached to dying and replace it with a response of joy.


The spiritual principles in Dying With Grace will help you:

  • Base your prayers on God's promises to counter a doctor's diagnosis
  • Encourage those who are experiencing a time of deep need
  • Learn the antidote to anger and bitterness concerning your pain and misery
  • Avoid depression while addressing emotional and spiritual pain
  • Discover the answer to the tyrannical Why? concerning sickness and disease
This is a helpful, faith-filled teaching tool for anyone facing a devastating life circumstance and for pastors who grapple with how to minister to the ill, comfort the grieving, or prepare their congregation for heaven. Discover how God can give you grace to take each step from this life to eternal life.