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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Apr 2005
Charisma House

Reaching Your Dreams: 7 Steps for Turning Dreams into Reality

by Tommy Barnett

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As the pastor of the 15,000 member Phoenix First Assembly of God church in Arizona, Pastor Barnett knows something about success and dream fulfillment. He and his associates have also started “Dream Centers” in Los Angeles and Europe to foster creative thinking, community improvement, and Christian outreach. His book is designed to be used by Sunday school classes and home Bible study groups. There are seven chapters, one for each aspect of dream fulfillment, and then study questions, reflective passages, and discussion topics.

Although packaged somewhat differently, there isn’t a whole lot of original thinking here. The “know thyself” concept of Socrates is found in a chapter called, “What Is Holding You Back?” The Napoleon Hill concept of “think and grow rich” is found in a chapter called “Discover Your Dream.” The Zig Ziglar concept of “helping others helps you” is found in a chapter called, “Multiply Your Dream.” Conwell’s “Acres of Diamonds” concept is found in a chapter called, “There’s a Miracle Dream in Your House.” And so it continues.

What is special about this book is Barnett’s use of original illustrations and examples. He draws from his own life, from situations in congregations he has been part of, from his marriage, and from various school and family episodes. Some stories are funny; some are dramatic; all are applicable to whatever the topic at hand is. He also has some great one-liners, such as, “A person without a future will always return to his past” (p. 36) and, “Whatever season [of life] you are in, do it with all your energy. Don’t set the cruise control.”

My favorite section of the book is called “Learn from Failure” (pp. 44-46). Here, Barnett explains, “There is no such thing as success without mistakes.” He quotes Proverbs 24:16, which says, “For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again.” His point is, fulfilling dreams takes energy, focus, ambition, and fortitude because there definitely will be setbacks, disappointments, and hard learning experiences. Still, people with perseverance will see the fulfillment of their dreams.

Each chapter provides biblical examples of men and women who used principles similar to the ones found in this book to serve God and to accomplish great deeds. Bible stories, scripture verses, and biblical parables are incorporated into the teaching and the self-examination questions. This book is a good discussion starter. It will appeal more to men than women, but it is an interesting study overall of why we have dreams and why they do or don’t come true. -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

**Be aware -- Tommy Barnett is a part of the Word-Faith movement.

Book Jacket:

Your Dream Provides The Blueprint For Your Purpose in Life.

Did you know that the goals and visions in your heart contain your spiritual "DNA," the very blueprint for who you are?

In this faith-enriching book, Pastor Tommy Barnett will show you how to follow the dreams God placed in your heart-just like the greatest men and women in biblical history. Reaching Your Dreams reveals that you can only know your purpose when pursuing your dream.


  • Talk to God about the dreams He put in your heart
  • Practice "perfected praise," which keeps you close to God, your dream-giver
  • Allow the Bible to transform your mind, thus releasing your passions
  • Fellowship with other believers to help you see your life and goals more clearly

A dream doesn't drive you; it draws you. It is like a big magnet that pulls you toward itself. Get ready to set your course now in the direction of your dream.