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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Sep 2004
Barbour Publishing

Nadia (Heirs of Anton)

by Susan Down & Susan Warren

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The beautiful CIA operative known in Russia as Nadia risks everything to come out of retirement and free her husband from a Soviet Gulag.

Mickey, imprisoned and tortured for over a year, has never given up his secrets. The memory of his wife Nadia has been the single ray of light that has kept him alive in his miserable cell.

Nadia doesnít know whom to trust, and that includes her husband. Paranoia is rampant as old contacts seem to help, but might be setting up the final torture for Mickey Ė watching his wife die slowly under brutal Soviet hands.

Nadia is intense, fact-paced, and riveting. Downs and Warren have turned up the heat in the second book of their Heirs of Anton series. It is an excellent, action-packed thriller where people, pushed to the limit, have to return to trusting themselves to Godís hands. Ė Mary Connealy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This second title in the Heirs of Anton series takes place in 1970, when former CIA spy Nadia "Hope" Moore must sneak behind the Iron Curtain, spring her estranged husband from a Russian gulag, and prove to the CIA that Mickey Moore isnít a traitoróat least, not to his country. Mickey has secrets that will save American lives, but a double agent isnít about to let the spy duo escape, even when her well-placed father attempts to help. Will Nadia be able to resurrect a love she thought had died? God is her sole ally, and only He can give her the wisdom to save her husband, her father. . .and her country.