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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Nov 2004
Barbour Publishing

Dead as a Scone

by Ron & Janet Benrey

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Dear old Dame Elspeth's secret will really rock the Royal Tunbridge Wells Tea Museum Trustees, but she doesn't get to tell it because she dies in the middle of that upstart American, Felicity Adam's dialogue on the art and science of tasting tea. Truly, Dame Elspeth is, Dead As a Scone. A bad heart, says the old lady's doctor. No, an overdose of barbiturate, shouts Felicity. Museum director Nigel Owens can hardly believe the death, and he definitely doesn't want to believe Felicity. In fact, all those English trustees know how brash an American can get, and they all choose to listen to the doctor. Hang onto your hats from here on out. Felicity is not going to take this sitting down. Mix together a mayhem combo, some clever plot twists, a few wild ancestors with a few weird heirs, fake antiques, an international romance, and a lot of interesting facts about scones, tea, and poison, and you have a mystery you cannot put down. Add in the fact that the strong Christians are dead, but still managing to witness, and you have some interesting Christian side play going on.

Speech makers, literary agents, and rising stars in the mystery novel field, Ron and Janet Benry, noted for their Penny Hunnechurch mysteries, base this novel on an actual English town, Janet's English upbringing, some good research, and plentiful imaginations. The characters take on depth and reality as the story romps on. A how-, why-, and who-done-it, the somewhat convoluted, but still easy-to follow plot maintains momentum and interest. A contemporary tale, Dead As a Scone is garnished with state-of-the-art burglar alarms, computer enhanced counterfeits, and the wild British traffic. Written in a logical, unvarnished style, this book relies on storyline, clues, anecdotal data, emotion, and characterization to maintain interest. The Christian themes wrap unobtrusively but unforgettably around the story.

Indubitably, Dead As a Scone is a good read for mystery fans of all ages. It will make a nice gift for both Christian and non-Christian readers. Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Curator of the Royal Tunbridge Wells tea Museum, Nigel Owen has learned that a dangerous criminal sits on the institution's board. But before the killer's identity is revealed, Dame Elspeth dies--from a tainted creme' brulee'! Arrogant forensicchemist Flick Adams joins Nigel in the investigation. Can these two prima donnas solve this jolly good mystery?