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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Nov 2004
Barbour Publishing


by Wanda Dyson

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A psychic who has renounced her powers, a cop who is afraid to take a chance of love after a tragedy, and a serial killer, act out a taut drama in a once-peaceful college town.

Zoe, who used her psychic power to track down missing children, has turned her back on her skill because she felt an evil source using her God-given gift. In Obsession, she has a case thrown into her lap when she discovers a murdered co-ed. The responding police detective, JJ, came very close to winning her heart in the first book of this series, Abduction. Their strong personalities and fear of commitment kept them apart.

Now JJ and Zoe can’t be in the same room together without fighting. As Zoe is pressured to try and revive her power, another girl turns up dead, this one Zoe’s best friend’s niece. Her friend insists Zoe help, but Zoe knows that evil had her in its grasp when she searched for psychic answers and she won’t put her soul on the line for anything. Zoe, now studying to become a lawyer, still has a lot of experience with police work. When a private detective hires her to help with the case, JJ is furious. The last case he worked on with Zoe nearly killed her, and he’s haunted by memory of a madman choking the life out of her while JJ tried to save her.

JJ and Zoe follow a twisting, turning path strewn with clues as a third girl turns up dead. Dyson has done a great job of creating great characters. The story is so gripping you’ll have trouble putting the book down. The tension, salted with humor, makes this a shining example of what Christian fiction is becoming. Obsession gives up none of the pace and terror of the best secular police thrillers, while keeping a strong story of faith at its center. – Mary Connealy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Zoe Shefford and Josiah Johnson are once again thrust into an unlikely crime-solving partnership when beautiful young coeds start disappearing from a local college campus. Can JJ learn to trust Zoe's gift of discernment to determine the truth from the shadows--and in time to stop this killer's deadly obsession?