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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Sep 2004
Barbour Publishing

Coffee Rings

by Yvonne Lehman

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The three women seem to have little in common, but the events of nineteen years ago bind them together in friendship and secrecy. Annette started a bed and breakfast and raised her son alone after her husbandís death. Now love beckons again, but when Curtís grown daughter Shelby opposes the match, Annette gracefully bows out, ignoring the pain their breakup brings to both her and Curt.

Ruby always has a joke handy, and as a harried housewife with teenagers she needs the humor in her life. But laughter canít hide her extra pounds, and the fact that her husband Charlie is spending lots of extra time directing the church music ministry--especially a talented soloist.

Lara moved back to Laurel Ridge after her divorce to care for her grandmother. Her friendship with Annette and Ruby brings joy amid everything unspoken, but her nightmares persist.

The pastorís wife, Eunice Hogan, still hasnít gotten the truth about that night long ago. Too many questions are unanswered. And her husband doesnít know about Euniceís own secret, kept for nearly four decades. But Euniceís time is running out Ė her cancer has come back and she has six months to live.

As the stains of the past slowly become known in the present, the lives of these four women and the others around them begin to fall apart. Will the truth bring a miracle, or destroy the fragile calm that has comforted and trapped them all these years?

The friendly camaraderie and splashes of humor in Coffee Rings hint of chick-lit, but the deep themes and introspective tone, make it a book for women to ponder and gain new insight. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

They met in college, three young women with unstoppable dreamsóuntil one tragic event pulled them in separate directions. Nineteen years later, they each find themselves living back in Laurel Ridge, North Carolina, and covering their deeply held pain. When their long-held secrets surface, how will they hold the fragile pieces of their lives together? Are the stains of the past too deeply imbedded for true forgiveness to occur?