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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Mar 2005
Barbour Publishing

Marina, Heirs of Anton Series #3

by Susan Downs & Susan May Warren

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Marina by Susan Downs and Susan May Warren is the marvelous story of a young Russian partisan fighter during World War II. Marina was orphaned at a young age, but was raised by a second mom who taught her to love God. Marina then marries, and her beloved Dmitri decides he should go off to war and help defeat the murdering Germans. But he promises to return and reminds Marina that God was with her--no matter what.

Dmitri comes back in a box and Marina's heart freezes. God has forsaken her--again. Why should she trust Him? If that was how He showed His love, she didn't want anything to do with Him. She feels abandoned, alone. When the Germans burn her village and shoot most of the inhabitants, including her mother, Marina escapes and meets up with a partisan group. They teach her to be a sniper--a very good one.

Edward is a Russian-speaking American enlisted by the OSS to work with Russian resistance groups. After seeing his beloved Katrina and several other partisan friends shot by the Germans, he withdraws to himself to stop any hurt he might feel and to keep others distanced so they won't get killed.

But when he meets Mara (Marina) in the resistance group that helps him blow the main bridge to Moscow, he starts to feel again. He wants to protect her, but most of all he wants her to come back to trusting God again. How can he ask her to trust when he isn't willing to trust? How can he help her hope again when he won't allow himself to? "Life and love are gifts. Some of us have them longer than others. We shouldn't waste them out of fear to act."

The ‘Susan's’ have woven a bittersweet story of love and hope set in a tumultuous period of Russian history. Marina has many things: intrigue, suspense, tears, joy, and most of all, hope. It will draw you in and hold you to the very end. – Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Where is the God who promised to protect the heirs of Anton? Marina Shubina believes God has abandoned her. She's widowed and pregnant-and Hitler's Third Reich has just invaded Russia. As a partisan, she's ready to give her life for the Motherland, but what will become of her unborn child? OSS agent Edward Neumann has one chance to redeem his mistakes in Berlin. . .destroy the German supply lines into Moscow. Unfortunately his mission depends on a Russian partisan, a sharp-shooter named Marina. But does God have a bigger plan for him? And will this plan cost him the woman he loves?