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Trade Paperback
350 pages
Dec 2005
Barbour Publishing

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JJ Taylor hates coffee in general, and the coffee café recently added to the bookstore where she works in particular. Brandon D. Smythe, son of the owner of the Camden Corner Books chain, envisions his idea of the attached cafés as a chance to prove his worth to his father. Disguising himself as David Smith, guitarist, Brandon goes undercover to see the café’s progress and draws daggers from JJ. Despite her prickly exterior, Brandon senses JJ is hurting and offers his friendship. As his attraction to JJ continues to grow, he’s glad she isn’t after his money like his ex-wife, but will she forgive him when he reveals his true identity?

This sweet love story has a few twists to spice things up. Despite its brevity, the main characters are well drawn with believable pasts. The prose gets a little sugary at times, but in all this novella goes down smoothly. Perfect for an evening snuggling up with your favorite hot beverage. – Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Couples clash over cups of coffee in these delightful novellas by a talented team of authors. In Fresh-Brewed Love, every reader's thirst for romance will be well satisfied. From a bookstore's coffee corner to neighborhood cafes to a coffee company in Costa Rica, each story is well blended.

An Acquired Taste by Susan K. Downs

JJ Taylor disdains those hippie-musician types. . .until a guitarwielding minstrel shows up at the bookstore where she works and strums his way into her fortressed heart. On a whim, Camden Coffees CEO, Branson D. Smythe, has passed himself off as guitarist David Smith to perform for the grand opening of his new coffee shop, located in one of his family’s bookstore franchises. Can he convince JJ to love him as a penniless musician rather than as the wealthy entrepreneur he really is?

The Perfect Blend by Anita Higman

The Café Rose is a place for great coffee and falling in love. Jacques, the owner and matchmaker of the Café Rose, seats his friend, Hamilton Wakefield, with loner Kasey Morland. Her business life is a mess, and since Hamilton is an entrepreneur, he lets Kasey know he’s just the man to straighten her out! Sparks fly, coffee is poured, and romance is in the air. Will their clashing personalities turn into a bitter brew, or will Hamilton and Kasey discover they are instead, the perfect blend?

Breaking New Grounds by DiAnn Mills

Kae Alice and Gene have been friends since they were fifteen. Now, in their seventies, their friendship has grown from a comfortable relationship to a deep, abiding love. They tease, reminisce about the fifties, volunteer their time at a retirement center, and transport the sick to their doctors. Unfortunately neither one can admit their feelings, and time is running out! Then Gene decides he has to speak his heart, but the result may tear them apart forever.

Coffee Scoop by Kathleen Miller Y’Barbo

Religion reporter Carrie Collins wants to make her mark in journalism. A chance meeting with the American owner of a Costa Rican coffee company aboard a flight between Los Angeles and Austin provides Carrie with the story of a lifetime: exposing a business claiming to be a ministry. Can she investigate what looks to be another fraud perpetrated on innocent Christians without giving away her intentions and eventually her heart?