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223 pages
Oct 2005
Barbour Publishing

Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle

by R.K. Mortenson

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Children’s fantasy soars to a higher dimension in this delightful book! R. K. Mortenson fills these pages with the classic elements of this genre, but adds some Christian truths that cleverly connect the story to real life.

Landon Snow is an eleven-year-old boy with a lot of questions. His pursuit of truth gives him a love of books. When his family takes a trip to visit his grandparents, Landon looks forward to two things: eating his Grandma’s lemon bars and visiting their town’s gigantic library. However, when his Grandpa gets injured, Landon starts to think about the nature of accidents. He wonders if life itself is nothing more than chance.

The answer to this question comes in the form of a magical adventure. A door opens that leads him into the Book of Meanings. After being rescued by a chessboard knight, Landon finds himself riding a real horse that gallops into the next part of the journey. The fantasy world that he encounters is unique, refreshing, and a lot of fun! Every character contributes something to his quest, and every page takes him a little closer to the truth.

It’s abundantly clear that the author knows both this genre and his audience. Imagination is the vehicle that takes readers on an expedition of excitement. The dialogue is filled with humor, puns, and some thought-provoking ideas coming from curious characters. As with any adventure, there is danger, enemies, and some paths that should be followed.

Yet, the most wonderful thing about this book is that Landon’s fall into fantasy will help build up the faith of young readers. Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle is an excellent beginning to a new series that offers more than just entertainment. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Don't fall in. (This book may swallow.)

Just ask Landon Snow.
He could tell you all about being swallowed by a book.
Or falling from the sky on horseback.
Or fleeing a hail of arrows through an enchanted forest.
Or watching a gigantic gold coin flipping into the sky.
And wondering...
Could it be chance, mere circumstance?

When Landon's grandfather suffers a minor accident in Button Up, Minnesota, Landon asks the cosmic question: "Could life itself be an accident?" Pages in an ancient Bible mysteriously turn, and a bookcase opens to reveal a secret passageway. Tubling through the "Book of Meanings" into another world full of puzzles and cretures called Odds, Landon teams up with a horse named Melech to find Vates, the poet/prophet behind strange messages.

The greatest question of all still remains for Landon to answer. How will he solve the Auctor's Riddle?

So don't just stand there (or sit or lie or hand from a tree limb) reading this back cover. Open the book and take a look.

But do be careful not to lean in too closely...