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32 pages
Sep 2010
Warner Press

Chrissie's Shell

by Brooke Keith

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The message of Chrissie's Shell by Brooke Keith is that each creature put on this earth by God is "wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14). Little Chrissie the turtle wishes she could run as fast as the field mouse or the rabbit. She wishes she could do a magic trick the way the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. She wishes she could be mighty and bold like the brown bear. She wishes she could climb trees as well as a squirrel. Unfortunately, all she has is a heavy-duty thick shell to carry around.

Then one day God talks to Chrissie. He reminds her that when it rained, she let the firefly have safety in her shell. When the robin accidentally dropped her egg from the nest to the lake, Chrissie swam and saved it. When the injured lizard could not walk, Chrissie carried it home on her back. Day after day she has been the hero to the other animals, doing what they could not do. Finally, Chrissie looks at her reflection in the lake and sees someone who is distinct, helpful, unique, and admired. She thanks God for the fact she is "wonderfully made."

This book will help children accept the color of their skin, their physical builds, their genders, and their academic or athletic or artistic gifts. The words are easy enough for a child ages 4 - 7 to sound out and read, and the colorful drawings are vivid blends of yellows, greens, blues, and browns designed to display nature at its best. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Chrissie is a little turtle with a big problem: she believes her shell is empty. She spends her days comparing herself with other animals in the forest and imagining what it would be like to be them, only to end up disappointed again and again when she finds she cannot transform herself into someone new.

At last, when Chrissie is ready to give up all hope, she has a conversation with God. She begs him to make her into a creature like the wonderful animals she has seen, but God has something better in mind. Will Chrissie finally see herself as God sees her? Will she realize that her shell is not empty after all and that God loves her just the way she is?