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Trade Paperback
176 pages
May 2005
White Stone Books

Little Blessings From a Big God

by Michelle Medlock Adams

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Today’s busy mom is faced with a to-do list several miles long. How can a woman accomplish all she needs to do and still grow in her relationship with God? In her refreshing book, Little Lessons from a Big God, Michelle Medlock Adams allows readers a peek into her home where she is raising two daughters, Abby and Allison. She doesn’t know all the answers, but she knows a God who does, and He speaks to her while she moves throughout her daily routine.

The book is divided into twenty quick-to-read chapters with hilarious titles, such as “Don’t Look Behind the Chair!” and “I Was Accidentally Bad Today.” Each section describes an incident from Michelle’s life and how ultimately she was wowed into a deeper understanding of God’s love for her as a mom. She ends each story with a “Thought for the Day,” allowing readers to apply the author’s lessons to their own lives. She also includes a suggested Scripture reading and a short prayer.

Since Michelle also writes fiction, her storytelling is vivid, packed with detailed images and actual recorded conversations. We feel like we’re there when she feels her first pangs of labor. We laugh with her when she discovers her daughter has cut off her blond ponytail, claiming “Miller (the dog) did it!” We admire her as she handles tough discipline issues and appreciate her frankness at showing us she’s not perfect, but God’s grace abounds.

Little Lessons from a Big God would make a wonderful gift for moms-to-be and women in all stages of mothering and grandmothering. It’s fun and inspiring to read, filled with stories that speak to the heart, drawing us into what matters most in life and faith. -- Heather Lynn Ivester, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

So where is God when you can’t find the car keys and you’re running behind…when the business report you worked on late into the evening now has colorful crayon drawings on every page…when the air conditioning in your SUV has gone out on a scorching summer day and the kids are clamoring for attention in the backseat?

He’s right there, in the middle of it all – watching over you, loving you, gently guiding and teaching you…sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

Award-winning author and journalist, Michelle Medlock Adams, weaves together charming, humorous, and insightful stories about her two delightful daughters – sharing the remarkable spiritual growth and life-changing “God lessons” she has discovered through the eyes of her children. Through her insight and joyful perspective, you’ll be encouraged in your own role as a mother and uplifted as a woman of God.