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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Apr 2005
White Stone Books

Man of Valor

by Richard Exley

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When you think of a man of valor, what do you envision? A soldier in the Special Forces? A knight in shining armor? Richard Exley encourages every Christian man to be a man of valor. Dividing the book into seven sections, he explores the characteristics that describe the man of valor: spiritual passion, courage, loyalty, integrity, sexual purity, wisdom, and compassion. He explores these character traits with a good use of anecdotes, Scripture, and reasoning.

Though not strictly a devotional book, it resembles one in that each chapter is short with one basic point. Each chapter ends with encouragement to act on the lesson, a quotation, at least one verse of Scripture, and a prayer.

Exley uses anecdotes powerfully to make his points. He takes a strong stand against abortion and offers much encouragement to men. He recommends that men discipline themselves spiritually. His chapter on the discipline of Scripture study is particularly good.

The book will appeal most to those who believe in eternal security because of his definition of legalism, his understanding of the imputation of Christ's righteousness, and his rather unusual definition of hypocrisy. Though he urges men to sexual purity, he argues that some men, who fall into a one-time sexual affair or struggle with a pornography habit, are not hypocrites and deeply love their wives. Their wives might disagree.

At times Exley reaches in his interpretations. He criticizes Elijah's relationship with God for being "built on power rather than intimacy." (18) He also tells the reader that when God asks Elijah, "What are you doing here?" He doesn't really mean it as we understand it. Exley doesn't offer a more precise Hebrew translation, but his own interpretation of the situation.

His understanding of Moses' life is a little unusual too. He personalizes Romans 11:29, which is a warning about the election of Israel and the Gentiles, and uses it to say, "there is nothing you can do-- no willful disobedience, no foolish mistake--which will cause God to revoke his call on your life." (194)

A pastor for twenty-six years, Richard Exley now writes and speaks full time. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In a society where it has become socially acceptable to hide who we really are, author Richard Exley, addresses the true and daunting pressures all men face — challenging them to confront those issues with conviction and strength of character.

In a devotional format and principles based on the book of Proverbs, with powerful chapters such as: “Fatal Attraction,” “The Dangers of Success,” “The Courage to Do What is Right,” and “The Power of Perseverance.”

A compelling presentation, without theological posturing, Exley speaks about the uncomfortable, and often unspoken issues of manhood — addressing everything from financial pressures, integrity, health, juggling the demands of family and career, to counting the real cost of infidelity — a must read, for every man.