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Trade Paperback
64 pages
Dec 1969
Regular Baptist Press

Kids' Questions About the Bible and Creation

by Robert Newman

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“Your child’s mind, heart, and soul are under attack. Many groups, such as school, TV, and children’s clubs, are busy denigrating the Bible and Creation. Are you a parent seeking for tools to aid in countermanding this propaganda? Kids’ Questions About the Bible and Creation is a very useful addition to your Christian education toolkit. The storybook format handily illustrates the truths. Topher and his two sisters tell about their family’s adventures with questions and books, especially the new children’s Bible Grandpa sends to four-year-old question-box Bobbie. The whole family will recognize the situations, discussions, problems, and storyline.

“Christian Education professor and author, Cheryl Fawcett presents Kids’ Questions… for family group reading. Opening material provides pertinent directions for parents. Each chapter uses a story, concluding Bible verses, and discussion questions to consider such subjects as: why read the Bible; what is the Bible about; how can we be sure the Bible is true; who wrote the Bible; how were the stars made; who made the dirt; why is night dark; do fish breathe; did people evolve from animals. Aimed at four- through ten-year-olds, this enjoyable book provides simple, yet thorough answers. A closing chapter challenges the adult mentors to consider their own lifestyles. Ron Mazellan’s bright, true-to-life illustrations appear on every page, encouraging interest in the narrative.

“With thick pages and a strong binding, this sturdy paperback will hold up to much use. Written for the family, Kids’ Questions… will be useful in group situations, for individual reading, and as a gift.” -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Kids have questions. The Bible has answers.

The new Kids' Questions series from RBP offers a kid-friendly approach to Bible truths for ages 4 to 10. This four-book series answers questions about God and Jesus, the Bible and Creation, sin and salvation, and the church and the future. You'll appreciate this effective way to answer kids' questions.