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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Feb 2004
Xulon Press

Emotional Transformation

by Anne Hovell Dew

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In Emotional Transformation, Anne Hovell Dew brings awareness of personal issues into the light and then offers a manual of solutions to resolve them. These issues include relationship conflicts and their origin. The author feels that awareness is not only the key, but also the first step to transformation that springboards into true healing.

Dew believes that all problems found in relationships, especially in marriage, are family-of-origin. She admits that it is a scary thought. She builds on that by having the reader explore who each family member is and childhood reactions to those family members. Then Dew has you see how those past relationships may be playing out in your life today in your marriage or other relationships. Dew is licensed psychotherapist. As a Christian she also offers possible spiritual solutions to issues that may be keeping you from moving forward.

The author gives examples of various ways that these early childhood relationships may continue to play out in our adult lives. For example, we may grow up to be a perfectionist, or a couch potato, emotionally numb, an addict, angry, or have control issues. We may even find out that we are doing the exact opposite of what a family member did. Dew points out that we may have idols like power, prestige and pride. It is easy and even comforting to relate to examples she shares.

Fortunately, after uncovering the origin of what has shaped our personalities she walks you through tools to accept, change and heal. Even if you are not questioning why someone behaves the way they do I believe you would find this book fascinating and easy to read. – Debra Murphy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

As a committed Christian and licensed psychotherapist, Anne Dew has assembled a process that defines the emotional issues that keep a person from reaching personal and spiritual wholeness. Awareness is developed with a family systems approach. The basic premises are: “All issues are in the family of origin,” “All relationships are family reunions,” and “We marry in order to work out our family-of-origin issues.”The burden of proof is then presented through paper and pen work, using a genogram (similar to a genealogy chart) to graphically display the generational emotional issues. Helping the reader to become aware is the substance of the first half of the book, which is presented for the secular reader. The second half of the twelve chapters presents suggested Christian spiritual solutions to these issues that keep people stuck and reenacting. As a result of putting these different approaches together, the author has seen emotional transformation at a deep level.