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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Jul 2006
WestBow Press

Adelaide Piper

by Beth Webb Hart

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Adelaide Piper by Beth Webb Hart focuses on a typically vibrant 18-year-old freshman who is excited about attending her first year at a prestigious college. And, indeed, things seem to be picture perfect upon her arrival, right down to linking up with a fantastic guy. However, in short order, this "perfect" guy starts moving Adelaide in directions that go against her moral standards. Similarly, the environment of college puts challenges on her in every regard -- her time, goals, friendships, values, and dreams. Adelaide faces conflicts as minor as an annoying younger sister to those as major as the death of a young man she greatly cares for. Event by event, she is made more aware of her alienation, and, simultaneously, she is made more aware of her need for "oneness" in Christ. Her story is one most teens and young adults will not only relate to, but also will see themselves living out, in whole or part.

Hart is very good at creating a variety of vivid locales. The reader is there, whether in the dorms, the classrooms, or back at Adelaide's home. The secondary characters in the story are developed well enough to represent types found on most college campuses, i.e. the brainy type, the gossip, the party animal, the clothes horse, etc. Hart knows her turf, and her story is genuine in its portrayal of 21st century young folks.

The central theme of this story is that God loves his children enough to give them the freedom to make some mistakes; yet, that same love always provides a father's grace to forgive them and accept them back. This is enjoyable, contemporary reading that is entertaining but also laced with a message. Jodi Kuhrt, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Adelaide Piper, small-town Gen-X debutante and renegade poetess, calls her own tune. But Piper's tunes lead her and those closest to her to dangerous places. Tragedy and heartbreak mean a return to the very ground that she once cursed, though with a deeper appreciation for that southern heritage, however infirm it may be.