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336 pages
Aug 2007
Thomas Nelson

Abomination (Rock Harbor Series #4)

by Colleen Coble

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Colleen Coble fans will be delighted to return to Rock Harbor, to Kade and Bree Matthews, and Samson the rescue-dog, in Abomination.

On the highway into Rock Harbor one night, Bree finds a desperate, blood-soaked young blonde woman carrying a toddler. The woman cannot remember her name, the child's name, or whom she is fleeing. Because of a necklace with ballet slippers, the woman thinks her name is Elena, and the toddler says her name is Terri.

Meanwhile, Michigan State Police Captain Nikos "Nick" Andreakos searches for a serial killer who targets blonde women with a ballet history. The killer, who calls himself Gideon, mutilates the women, then posts the location of the bodies on a geocaching website along with a cryptic religious quotation. Geocaching is a new technological treasure hunt gaining popularity around the country.

When Nick finds his ex-wife, Eve, and their two-year-old daughter, Keri, missing and their home stained with blood on the toppled furniture, he panics. Eve was a ballerina and a ballet instructor. A few days later, Gideon sends them to a geocaching site. They find an unidentifiable woman's body, but she looks a lot like Eve. When forensic reconstructionist, Oliver Harding, rebuilds the woman's face, she looks more like Eve. They have to wait for DNA tests to be sure. But if this is Eve, where is Keri?

After several months, Elena's picture appears incidentally in a newspaper. Gideon, Nick, and Eve's sister converge on Rock Harbor, endangering her peace of mind, her daughter, and her life. When Bree's father and Eve disappear, even Bree and Samson are stretched to the breaking point in their search for them.

RITA finalist Colleen Coble again delivers a suspense-packed story that is hard to put down. Her characters, especially Gideon, are absorbing. She keeps his identity and his motivation secret until the reader nears the climax. Then the ironic ending is fitting. In a way, this story reminds me of one of those exercises where you are given a brick, a safety pin, a pinwheel, and a tuba and told to construct something using all four of them. Coble brings together swans, ballet, geocaching, forensic reconstruction, and murder to form an exciting, suspenseful story out of them. Coble fans will want to race to the bookstore for this one. Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A serial killer mutilates his victims, leaving the bodies at various geocaching sites with obscure religious references. When the killer targets Eve Alexander, a woman he holds responsible for his wife's death, she barely escapes with her life. No longer trusting her police officer husband's protection, Eve flees to Rock Harbor with her niece whom she is raising as her own daughter. After nearly a year training search-and-rescue dogs in Michigan's Upper Penninsula, Eve has just begun to relax when she and her team stumble on a mutilated body at a geocaching site. Eve knows the killer has found her again. Events spiral out of control when her ex-husband shows up and her long lost sister appears. Before it's all over, Eve will need to reach inside and find the strength to fight back before the killer destroys everything she loves.