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Trade Paperback
320 pages
May 2006
WestBow Press

Savannah by the Sea

by Denise Hildreth

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If you are looking for quality chick-lit book and you happen to pick up a copy of Denise Hildreth's Savannah by the Sea, keep looking. The story of Savannah Phillips, a southern almost-debutante newspaper reporter, and her trip from Savannah, Georgia to the Florida panhandle with her eccentric parents doesn't really hit the mark.

Through a string of minor setbacks and victories, Hildreth's readers are meant to care about Savannah's irrelevant and selfish plights. Hildreth's protagonist never seems ultimately to realize that everything isn't about her, no matter how many over-exaggerated traumas she lives through. She’s spoiled, opinionated, and we just never really like her. Even worse, we start wondering how we can distance ourselves from her. Are there really pampered young women like this in America? Sure. Do you want to pay good money to spend time with them? No way.

Readers are subjected to a look at Savannah's close relationships, which all seem to be of the love/hate variety. This makes for dialogue which could have been witty banter, but it just tries too hard, and is even nonsensical a good bit of the time. Nothing in Savannah by the Sea is particularly unforgettable, because it is so difficult to get into the book in the first place. I honestly wanted to enjoy this book, but the characters were obnoxious, the relationships were shallow and even grating, and the plot was very thin. I’m afraid that even as a parody of chick-lit, this just doesn’t provide pleasant reading. – Meg D. R. Tepfer, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

First, I had to lie to my boss. (Sort of.) Then my parents had a fight. (They never fight.) The pint-sized lapdog that is treated better than I am has thrown up. (Twice.) This vacation hasn't even started...and I'm ready to go home.

No one in her right mind would actually choose to spend a week at the beach with a steel-Magnolia drama queen, a tragically disappointed diva-in-training, and a yapping, hurling, supremely annoying little canine princess. But I love Seaside, so I came. Then I ran into the gorgeous, exasperating Joshua North...and watched my good sense slide rapidly south. Which goes to show that even with a tan and (maybe) a new man in my life--I'm still the same old Savannah...from Savannah.