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400 pages
Sep 2006
WestBow Press


by Davis Bunn

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JayJay Parsons has had it on the ranch. He says good-bye to his sister, Claire, throws his saddlebag onto the bus, and is in an accident....

And that's where JayJay's creator, Peter Caffrey, the writer for the Heartland TV show, leaves him for weeks. Millions know that the one show with a strong God-fearing hero was dropping in viewership as its main actor self-destructs. Millions have been praying. Knowing that the show is dying, Peter is caught in writer's block.

Then Davis Bunn throws readers for a loop when the prayers are answered by bringing JayJay Parsons to life, literally, in Heartland.

JayJay awakens in the wardrobe room at Centurion Studios. The staff embraces him at once as a replacement for the addicted actor. When Derek Steen, a moonlighting cameraman from Centurion, captures JayJay saving the lives of Peter and a Korean girl at a wildfire, JayJay becomes an instant hero and national icon, to the dismay of the head of Centurion, Martin Allerby. Allerby hates the show, wants it to fail, and plans to buy the studio from its Christian owner so that he can produce a new reality show, Vegas Strippers.

While JayJay tries to puzzle out how his real life and ranch have become a TV show and what God wants from him, Allerby decides to destroy Heartland by turning it into a feature film with a miniscule budget, an untried director, a first-time lead cameraman, a novice star and starlet, and an unfinished script. Willing to do anything to win, Allerby has counted on undermining Heartland, but he hasn't counted on God!

Davis Bunn has brought us another suspenseful story that is also fun, especially if you grew up loving the old TV western heroes. JayJay comes across as a real person, a real man's man, in spite of being a creation of a writer, incubated in Peter Caffrey's computer. The old heroic standards still hit home with this reader.

Bunn provides enough action and intrigue to make readers reluctant to lay the book down, while touching on intriguing questions like: What is a hero? What is a real man? Why is Hollywood so opposed to positive moral standards? Are we praying enough for Hollywood? Can we win the culture war? What is the Christian's role in entertainment?

Davis Bunn has sold more than four million books in fifteen languages. He's a three-time Christy winner. His novels promote thought as well as provide entertainment. Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A cast without a leading man, a scriptwriter with writer's block, and mounting tension on the set mean top-rated television show Heartland is headed toward cancellation. Then a hero comes along-a reluctant new actor-to save the day. But no one knows where he really came from-least of all, him.

When ratings start to climb and the public raves over its favorite new star, Hollywood suddenly finds itself on an unexpected collision course with America's heartland audience. Hollywood needs a change-a revival of the soul. But can one struggling TV series with a brand new star be the catalyst-or is it already too late? One thing is certain-the outcome will forever redefine what it means to be a hero.