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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Mar 2007
WestBow Press

Prints Charming

by Rebeca Seitz

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While the main focus of scrapbooking may be preserving memories, Prints Charming shares another wonderful benefit of this hobby: friendships. I felt Rebeca Seitz did a wonderful job of connecting these women of different ages, races, and backgrounds through the love of scrapbooking. As a scrapbooker myself, I can attest to the truth of how this hobby can connect you to some wonderful friendships you might otherwise miss.

Seitz invests in her characters and it pays off with believable story lines. These aren’t perfect women who get together to share in all their glory as they scrapbook. Instead, these real women have everyday problems. Jane Sandburg is the main focus in the novel. When presented with the opportunity to move on with her love life, with her cute and sci-fi-loving neighbor Jake, she goes through the true emotions of a divorced woman. She has to face her past before she can move on with her future.

The other women in Prints Charming include Jane’s childhood best friend, Lydia, and Mac and Mari who also make up Sisters, Ink, the new scrapbook networking company they start with Jane’s encouragement. These women each have their own problems and Seitz doesn’t just skim on these characters. They are fully developed and ready to take off in sequels.

While this is published in a Christian publishing house, Prints Charming is not a biblically grounded novel. The characters do refer to church, but I only saw one character seeking God in her daily life. I hope as the series continues we will see these women grow in their faith and Seitz will even touch on the growing popularity of faithbooking.

Overall, this cute chick-lit novel by Seitz is a fast read I just couldn’t put down. The characters were likable. I laughed, I cried, and I finished it in a day. I loved the camaraderie of the women. I believed their stories and felt invested in their lives. Although Prints Charming is just releasing, I am already excited about the sequel – Coming Unglued. Seitz has also added to the fun by creating a Sisters, Ink website that will include products, apparel, and scrapbooking tips. - Brandi Webster, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Does Jane Sandburg's future lie between the pages of her scrapbook?

With the help of her scrapbooking girlfriends, Jane is putting the pieces of her life back together since her divorce from a cheating husband. Her non-profit publicity firm is doing well and her new neighbor, Jake, is causing all kinds of sparks.

But when the Ex returns with a sorrowful heart begging for one more chance, Jane pulls her wedding scrapbook out of the closet to decide if her future lies in the past. With her friends going through trials of their own--adoption, run-ins with the law, and marital trouble--Jane and the girls come together over the scrapping table to make sense of their crazy lives.