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Trade Paperback
271 pages
Mar 2006
New Hope Publishers

The Mentoring Mom: 11 Ways to Model Christ for Your Child

by Jackie Kendall

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The next best thing to living next door to Jackie Kendall is reading her books. The Mentoring Mom is written from one mother's heart to yours with an abundant dose of grace.

"In what ways do you want your children to grow up to be like you?" Kendall asked. "Is mom modeling for her daughter the significance of a consistent, daily growing relationship with Jesus through God's word?" Are we more concerned about the condition of our aging bodies than the care of our souls?

Button-popping proud mother of two grown children and president of Power To Grow Ministries, Kendall recommends mothers stamp eleven images on their children including a love for God, a praying woman, a student of God's Word, your soul's emotional health, loving people to Christ, your heart's passion, a noble life purpose, your teachability, your perseverance, reckless abandon to God, and the image of an adapting spouse.

The Mentoring Mom encourages readers with doable steps like spending seven minutes daily with God. "Do you know how many seven-minute increments we've got in a day? Every day you have 205 chances for seven minutes with God," Kendall said.

Journaling has been essential for Kendall. Through journal entries, each chapter in The Mentoring Mom shares generous glimpses of her victories and struggles over the past two decades of her own parenting. Chapters end with questions for reflection.

"I am often amazed that parents can be so thorough in teaching their children about hygiene but neglect the hygiene of the soul," Kendall penned. She writes that a soul is cleansed by confession and forgiveness. Kendall is a good forgiver. The power of her ministry comes from her personal journey. Growing up in an abusive family, Kendall was a teen when she became a Christian. She has done the brave work of facing her issues, allowing God to heal her wounded heart, and learning how to forgive the unforgivable.

Kendall has the best teaching on forgiveness I've encountered. An exuberant and genuine speaker, her tapes are available from her website, Power To Grow. Her video, "How to Avoid a Bozo" is a must see for parents and teens. Based on Kendall's intensive study of the book of Ruth, this video outlines the difference between a Bozo and a Boaz. Teaching your boys to be a Boaz and your girls to avoid a Bozo is a vital part of being a Mentoring Mom. PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This book encourages and inspires each mother to develop her ability to mentor her child, as well as to be mentored herself by God.