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Trade Paperback
208 pages
May 2006
New Hope Publishers

Body. Beauty. Boys.: The Truth About Girls & How We See Ourselves

by Sarah Bragg

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Body. Beauty. Boys. by Sarah Bragg addresses inner struggles that are common to most girls while growing up. As young women, we can easily think that all of our problems come from boys, but the way in which we view ourselves also has a great effect on our emotional and psychological development. Bragg tries to show girls how to be positive about their image and how to deal with those pesky members of the opposite sex.

The world has a different view on image from the way God sees things, and Bragg tries to help girls see themselves in the same way that their savior sees them: beautiful. Each chapter ends with a section of notes for the reader to use for reflecting on the subject matter. Bragg shares her battles with eating disorders in hopes that readers can either learn from her mistakes, or know that other people have struggled as they may be struggling now.

This book has the possibility to change lives. Many times, we have a desire to change but just need some encouragement to start the process; this book contains the support that many girls are looking for. Any young women from college age down to middle school will be able to relate to the life story and take encouragement from the information that Bragg has to offer. This is an autobiography, a training manual, and a prayer journal. The author has experienced much of what she shares here, and her intensive research adds even greater depth. Read it, and feel beautiful. Alyssa Curry, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Are you buying into the world's delusions about real beauty? Author Sarah Bragg was. She struggled with a body image problem for more than ten years. Now read her story as she reveals the lies that she believed and the truth she finally discovered.

Body. Beauty. Boys. gets right to the heart of the matter. Sarah introduces you to Someone who offers you a new identity and unconditional love. God made you unique and extraordinary. Truth is--He's crazy about you!