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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Sep 2010
New Hope Publishers

Becoming a Young Woman Who Pleases God

by Pat Ennis

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Fun to read, interesting to do, generating some really deep thoughts, and fine for individual study or for group work, Becoming a Young Woman Who Pleases God is truly a multi-purpose study. Author Pat Ennis has years of experience teaching young women in High School and College. In this book she uses that expertise to portray the senior high school year of one student and the spiritual growth which can ensue. The best way to introduce all that goes on in this personal notebook (soon to become the reader’s personal notebook), is to use that student’s own words: “I, Sarah Joy Abramson, invite you to read my personal notebook. It’s morphed into a scrapbook of my senior year, including mementos, sample assignments, lecture notes, small-group notes, doodles, notes from my parents, and more stuff. This records my triumphs, challenges, and how I made progress in becoming a young woman who pleases God. Walk with me and see how I...” (p. 3).

As the reader walks with Sarah what can be found? Character growth, friendship, beauty and nutrition, getting ready for that perfect job, living with others, life skills, style and modesty, communicating successfully, standing firm and still entertaining friends, praying, useful resources, and more. All these are tied up together in sixteen interest gripping Senior High School classes, ranging from Humanities to Work-Study.

Many significant fields are discussed each with their relevant Scripture, with wide open questions about yourself, spaces to write your own ideas, and spot-on prayers. These fields include: usable, valuable rules; guides for living this modern life such as smart eating and healthy self-image; the correct way to write a consumer concern letter; wise decision making; to believe or not believe labels on clothes and other consumer goods; wardrobe planning; cleaning your tongue; family life; developing a gentle and quiet spirit; and, a Scripture-based list (reader fills it out with her own thoughts) about the ideal man.

While teachers and parents will consider this a worthy book, its trendy format and modestly contemporary wording will get the Senior High student agreeing and wanting to read it. The theme of Becoming a Young Woman Who Pleases God is growing a biblical worldview. Sarah’s challenge is, “I dare you to check out what I discovered? Look through my papers...and come up with your own findings for your life” (p. 4). This book will make a good study for individuals and for classes in school, church, clubs, etc., as well as morphing into a good reference for ongoing growth. Much of the data, though deliberately aimed at young women, is good lesson material for any age Christian seeking to make their whole life one lived for God. – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Following the author’s popular book Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God, this new volume for young women explores—in context of the teen years—the timeless issues of building godly character.

Following the journal entries of a fictional, contemporary high school senior, readers experience the challenges and triumphs of her “incredible journey” of everyday faith. Readers will find answers to questions like, “Is it possible to enjoy my teen years and please God at the same time?” From the pages of this fictional, personal journal, the reader will learn how to choose friends wisely; manage money well; embrace biblical principles in decision making; choose to serve rather than be served; and develop knowledge and skills that make life more creative, enjoyable, and emotionally satisfying.

Ultimately, a teen will be challenged to embrace God’s special instructions to women so that she establishes lifelong character traits that bring honor to her heavenly Father. Living counter-culturally with confidence, she’ll realize the joy of living up to her God-given potential.