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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Jul 2009
New Hope Publishers

Lady in Waiting for Little Girls

by Jackie & Dede Kendall

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Not long ago, Jackie Kendall wrote the bestseller for adult Christian ladies, Lady in Waiting. Just as that book highlighted obedience, diligence, virtue, faith, security, salvation, devotion, patience, and commitment for those adults, so Lady in Waiting for Little Girls, co-written with Dede Kendall, highlights those Christian traits for elementary school age ladies. Featuring a fairy princess on its cover, this book immediately engages attention. This fairy princess helps guide mom and daughter through this devotional, growth volume. The Introduction starts with a brief allusion to Cinderella dancing with her prince; illustrating the idea of letting Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, carry the little princess to the places, truths, and choices He wants for her. Next comes a Heart of the Princess quiz which asks such questions as: Do you put away your toys away immediately and happily when asked? Then this volume moves into the Christian traits. Each devotional section begins with a message to Mom; next, a statement of the trait, called a Tiara Truth, accompanied by an interesting story featuring that trait; then a Princess Portrait from the Bible (such as Rebekah) with Princess Pearls, several pertinent Bible verses. Each section includes Princess Power suggestions for putting this new trait into action, such as: making a photo album of people to prayer for; making a pearl necklace of Godly virtues; or, making a Valentine bookmark about Jesus’ love. The section then concludes with a suggested Princess Prayer and a special Princess Pledge blank for the little princess to write down her own desire to serve God.

Moms and Daughters will enjoy working together through this distinctive devotional. Lady in Waiting for Little Girls provides fun, learning, and spiritual growth for both. It provides a series of unique experiences which will bear good spiritual fruit in later years for both participants. Also, it will create a hunger for more of such devotions, giving a chance for the sanctified imaginations of mom and daughter to come up with lots more ideas. -- Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Every fairy tale has a moment when the prince finally dances with the leading lady. A little girl’s devotion to God is to be that of a princess dancing with her Prince. Lady in Waiting for Little Girls is a mother-daughter mentoring book that is to be enjoyed together. Jackie Kendall, best-selling author of Lady in Waiting, and Dede Kendall have written this book specifically to prepare the hearts of young girls for a continual relationship with their heavenly Father.