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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Aug 2011
New Hope Publishers

Let It Shine: Partnering with God to Raise World Changers

by Greg & Martha Singleton

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Look at parenting in a completely new way in Martha and Greg Singleton’s book, Let It Shine. Unlike other parenting how-to books, Let It Shine takes the stand for what God actually expects from parents when He blesses their home with little ones. Martha and Greg Singleton show us how to rear children properly, pointing them to God, and what He wants for their lives.

This small, but very insightful book is set up similarly to a devotional. It is filled with Scripture that uplifts and encourages, as well as stories that overflow with inspiration, humor, and optimism. The helpful “Do Try This at Home,” section makes this book worthy of buying just for all of the clever projects, field trips, games, and activities it suggests to promote family unity while respecting individual gifts and talents. For more than thirty years, Martha and Greg Singleton have devoted their time to both their jobs as journalists and to filling their home with faith and love for their two children who are now adults.

The Singletons do an especially nice job of seeking God’s desire in the role of parenting. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” This verse has always seemed clear to me, but with Martha and Greg Singleton’s help, I saw it as something more than just a verse people use to form judgments of people's parenting skills.

This book will change the view readers have of “typical” Christian parenting. It will challenge moms and dads to impact their youngsters in a way that will enable them to be world changers for the cause of Christ, while also feeling loved, blessed, and fulfilled. – Anna Williams,

Book Jacket:

The world into which our children are called to bring a lifetime of light is inundated with darkness, and the parental inclination is to protect them. Though the intentions might be positive, sometimes our instructions and boundaries are motivated by fear, and can actually hinder our children from maturing in their own exciting spiritual adventures.

In answering the high calling of parenting, we may find that God’s goals for our children are focused in a surprisingly different direction from what we have assumed. Let It Shine! is a Scripture-based study exploring specific attitudes and practices that enable parents to encourage each child to discover and develop his or her personal, God-given purpose. Rather than hiding out in the safety and limitations of the bunkers we sometimes tend to create, our children can become adept at using their gifts and abilities as God intends.