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164 pages
Jun 2005
Xulon Press

The Journey

by Arnita C. Wright

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The Journey by Arnita Wright is a wondrous story illustrating God's love and protection of us even as He allows the "bad" things to happen in our lives. Karen Matthews is struggling to trust God as her family has had a year of physical and financial trials. A phone call stating that her mother, Janice, has been admitted to the hospital with another heart attack sends her on a mad dash that results in her own admittance.

Upon waking, Karen finds herself in the presence of the angel messenger, Gabriel. He has been sent "by the Most High God…to show you things that once were, and to show you His love for you, as seen through your mother's life."

As Karen is given a visual review of her mother's life, she sees how prayer activates protection from physical, mental, and spiritual hurt. She witnesses the spiritual battle that rages between Satan's demons and God's protective angels in our lives. As she watches, she learns that God wants to protect us, but He won't intercede unless asked.

All this time, Karen's and Janice's physical bodies are in a comatose state at the hospital. Karen's family has gathered around them both to fervently pray for healing. Dr. Andy Barnes, Karen's physician, is mystified as to the reason for her coma. All his tests have revealed no physical reason for her present state.

But God is working in his life, too. Andy walked away from God after his mother died of cancer. His wife, Barb, has not ceased praying for God to draw him back. She is drawn to share her longing with Karen's family. They join in her petitions to God for him.

Are you in the middle of seemingly insurmountable problems? This book will encourage you. Have you ever felt deserted by God? This book will give you a totally new perspective. That is the joy of reading Christian fiction, and more specifically, The Journey. You are, and will be, blessed! -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Flashes of light and perils of thunder shook the temple as the Most High began to speak. “Take this scroll to the one I have chosen.”

On one spring day the lives of Karen and her mother are disrupted as an unforeseen force plucks them from the earth and transports them through time and space. Janice watches in heaven as Karen is commanded to follow the King’s messenger on a journey—a journey that will place Karen in the middle of an angelic battle that will threaten the lives of those she holds dearest to her heart.

Who is this messenger, and where is he taking Karen? Will her faith be strengthened or shattered? Find out as you embark on The Journey!