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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Dec 2006

Promise Me Always

by Christine Lynxwiler

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Allie Richards’ thirty-fifth birthday couldn’t have been worse. A widow with two daughters, Allie recently lost her job and is now denied a loan to start her own landscaping company. After an emotionally difficult day, Allie returns home to a surprise party thrown by her family and friends—not exactly perfect timing to her mind.

Christine Lynxwiler takes readers on Allie’s journey of struggles, disappointments, joy, and unexpected love in Promise Me Always, the first novel in the Pinky Promise Sisterhood series.

With the encouragement of her Pinky Promise sisters, Allie enters the Shady Grove Beautiful Town Landscaping Contest. The winner will receive $7,500.00, a new truck with a custom company logo, and a city landscaping maintenance contract for a year—all the things Allie desires. The only catch is the entire process will be broadcast on the TV news for the entire town’s viewing pleasure. Unfortunately for Allie, the news anchor, Blair, tries everything in her power to make Allie and her TLC Landscaping crew the laughingstock of Shady Grove. It doesn’t help that the cameraman, Daniel, is boldly pursuing a romantic relationship with her, something she isn’t sure she wants.

As the novel progresses, Allie struggles to find a balance between working on winning the contest, spending time with her family, and trying to reconcile her conflicting emotions regarding Daniel. The story is told from her point of view, allowing the reader to see into Allie’s mind, revealing her humorous and honest thoughts. She is continually reminded that she needs to trust God in all things. Only when Allie gives full control to the Lord does she experience true joy and the realization of her dreams.

Nearly all women and older-teen girls will be able to relate to Allie on some level. Though the message of relinquishing our control to God is heard repeatedly in Christian circles, Lynxwiler portrays that common struggle realistically in this story of friendship and hope. – Christy Wong, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Thirty-five-year-old widow Allie Richards has always dreamed of having her own landscaping business. After losing her job, Allie's Pinky Promise girlfriends convince her to enter Shady Grove's Beautiful Town Landscaping Competition. The prize? The town's landscaping and maintenance contract. But there's a hitch. Every move Allie's ragtag crew makes will be featured in the reality segment of a local TV show. Armed with only a green thumb and a motley crew of helpers, does Allie have any chance of surviving the hype and making her dream a reality? Daniel Montgomery, the man behind the camera, is after more than just a story. Will he be satisfied with anything less than Allie's heart?