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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Jan 2007

The Reliance (Legacy of the King's Pirates #2)

by M. L. Tyndall

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Ahoy, mature readers! M.L. Tyndall’s second book in the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series, The Reliance, is now here. (Warning: there are some spoilers in this review.)

The swashbuckling, action-packed story starts with our heroes, Captain Edmund Merrick and his loving wife Charlisse, taking a small respite before continuing the hunt for the worst pirate in the Caribbean, Captain Collier. By the fifth paragraph of the first chapter, pirates are attacking the town and hacienda where the Merricks are staying. Making their escape from the hacienda, Edmund and Charlisse come across several orphaned children. Charlisse insists that Merrick find a wagon and take the children with them. Hiding his wife and the children in a church, Merrick hurries away to locate a wagon only to have an explosion happen behind him. Turning, he sees the church has turned to rubble, and his wife and the children are no more.

As the story unfolds, Merrick snatches back the rudder of his life from his Heavenly Father’s hands. He makes some disastrous choices. First, he teams up with the dread pirate Collier, as his men shanghai his ship, the Redemption. Second, Merrick tries to flee from Collier. Collier’s pirates capture him and imprison him in a rat infested cage. It is only here, in the dark with no place to run, Merrick faces his Lord. “So be it, Father. Whatever Your will is, I must believe it is for the best. Even if I remain in this prison. Even if I die, I am Yours” (p. 232).

Meanwhile, unknown to Merrick, Charlisse is captured by a former adversary, Captain Carlton. Charlisse also has many adventures as she tries to get back to Merrick. Though tempted to give up, Charlisse stands firm in her belief that God the Father is in control of her life. She becomes the captain of the Redemption, and with the crew behind her and God beside her, Charlisse travels the ocean seas searching for Merrick.

Tyndall has a wonderful way with words. Her word pictures allow the reader to be in the scene and experience what is happening to the heroes. I particularly appreciated the way she had God speaking to the main characters in His still small voice.

Caution: This book is not for everyone. Due to the topic of pirates, there is quite a bit of violence throughout the book. Though no actual rape occurs within the pages, it is implied that it had occurred before the story started. There is also the scene where Charlisse loses her unborn son while held prisoner aboard Captain Carlton’s ship. Though not extremely graphic, the scene does carry enough details to allow the reader to imagine what happened.

Do I recommend The Reliance? Yes, I do although it is not for everyone. I believe that this love story is not just between Merrick and Charlisse, but it is a love story between God our Father and His children. – Victoria Borgman, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Tormented by his wife's apparent demise, Edmund Merrick sails away to drown his sorrows-only to find himself trapped in the dark world of a demented Frenchman. When his mind clears from its rum-induced haze, will Edmund find the will to escape? Seemingly abandoned by her husband, Charlisse is thrown into the clutches of the vengeful pirate Kent. Will she be swept away by the undertow of treachery and despair? Can Edmund and Charlisse steer their way to the faith-filled haven they so desperately seek, or will they ultimately lose their love and lives to the sea?