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288 pages
May 2008
Barbour Publishing, Inc

Along Came A Cowboy

by Christine Lynxwiler

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Along Came a Cowboy written by Christine Lynxwiler illustrates how injurious a secret can be. The main character, Dr. Rachel Donovan, has earned a favorable reputation in Shady Grove, but she is also concealing details about her sinful past. This past is haunting her because she doesn't rest in God's forgiveness.

In general the storyline is down to earth and easy to follow. The vocabulary and descriptions are precise and straightforward. The relationships between the characters are believable and honest to life. Every reader can relate to Rachelís persistent effort to avoid the ugly side of herself and to move on with life.

Rachel is a chiropractor working in a small town. The busybodies of the town make a collective effort to hook her up with a handsome cowboy from her past. Her attraction for this cowboy increases as the book draws to a close. But Rachel Donovan realizes that her deadly secret might ruin any chance of her finding true and lasting love. Can she believe God when He says the truth will set her free? (John 8:32)

All of the characters are portrayed as having Christian values, however, most of the spiritual content acts more as an afterthought rather than as aspects of the central theme. Nevertheless, the book is still wholesome and displays the need to embrace that as believers Christ has cleansed us (1 John 1:9).

The plot is a little too conventional, but this book is still well worth reading. Its simplicity truly helps the reader to sit back and relax. Along Came a Cowboy possesses pure Christian values, and this makes the book worth the readerís time. -- Tamara Peachy,

Book Jacket:

When Rachel Donovan, a strong-willed chiropractor with a past, meets Jack Westwood, a bull-headed cowboy looking for a future, it looks like hate at first fight. But when the dust settles, it may be love. Can the chiropractor and the cowboy bridle their growing attraction, or will love ultimately have free reign?