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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Dec 2006
Thomas Nelson

Defiant Joy!

by Carol McLeod

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Although the word “joy” is found over 150 times in Scripture, Carol McLeod says very few Christians embrace what she calls “defiant joy.” Her book offers tools and encouragement to set people free from the bondage of their emotions, including depression and bitterness.

With an energetic writing style, McLeod explores the reasons why so many Christians struggle with joy-filled living. She shares her personal story of how God used disappointment from miscarriage to bring her to a point of desperation. During her trials, she discovered the Holy Spirit’s power for rescuing anyone trapped in difficulty.

As a national speaker and founder of Just Joy! Ministries, the author comes in contact with thousands of people each year who often need some nudging to turn their “miseries into ministries,” as she did. Her eight-step program offers readers a way to overcome emotions that hold them back from victorious living. She writes, “When you are focused on connecting with the character of God and then expressing His character to your world, staying in the chains of emotional bondage will seem as important to you as a game of childhood tiddlywinks.”

The inspiring tone of the book kept me captivated, as I sensed the author’s enthusiasm on every page. At times, I found her abundant use of exclamation points a bit distracting, but overall, this is a book I’ll enjoy reading again. She goes beyond the worldly wisdom of can-do attitudes and positive thinking straight to the Source of our joy: the Lord, Jesus Christ. – Heather Ivester, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

I dare you to choose joy!

Joy is not:
* found in the words of a Hallmark card
* fragile like flowers blowing in the wind
* achieved with the plasticity of a pasted-on smile

Joy is the solid, identifying trademark of a Christian who is desperate for His presence and His power. In this book you will learn how to become a contagious Christian and how to deal with emotions out of control.

This book is about a joy that is defiant … a joy that will literally defy your life's circumstances!

Your emotions define you as a person as well as determine your destiny. It's time to tell your emotions to "SHUT-UP!" and embrace His joy!