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289 pages
May 2009
Siloam Press

Getting in Shape God's Way

by Ron Kardashian

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In Getting in Shape God’s Way: 4 Keys to Making Any Diet or Fitness Program Work, fitness expert and licensed minister Ron Kardashian gives readers insight on both physical and spiritual health. Using his own experience, Kardashian presents four tips to successful and healthy living: Revelation, Declaration, Application, and Manifestation. Through these steps, he instructs readers to give their life to God and live in His light.

Kardashian encourages readers to believe what the Bible says about them: that they are wonderfully made and loved by a wonderful and loving God. The world’s standards do little to help a person succeed. Only through trust in a constant God, His power to transform, and a person’s willingness to cooperate with that transformation can truly break an unhealthy cycle. Once readers have realized this truth and have committed to allowing Him to dig up their negative roots, they can move on to declaring and applying God’s truth. Christians must continue in such declaration and application and manifest it or turn it into a lifestyle. First Corinthians 6:19-20 says the Christian body is a temple, and Kardashian provides helpful tips, worksheets, and exercise suggestions for taking care of that temple.

Be warned,, some of his suggestions and examples are overly charismatic; he writes about the power of belief and declaration, making it clear that he believes someone can make something like healing happen just by using positive language and thoughts. His acknowledgments also include a shout-out to well known televangelist and Charismatic Benny Hinn, which should be a caution to readers. This “name-it-and-claim-it” philosophy, also known as the Word Faith Movement, is not biblical. (For more information about this topic, please see

In everything Kardashian writes, he makes it clear that in addition to declaration, success requires action. The book’s layout flows smoothly, and Kardashian’s own testimony and insightful thoughts are interesting. However, because of its shaky biblical foundation, Getting in Shape God’s Way cannot be recommended to readers of Christian Book Previews. – Harmony Wheeler,

Book Jacket:

Learn the 4 simple keys to making everything else -- proper nutrition, exercise, and other health principles -- really work in your life. This book will give you the tools, ability, and strength as you gain the wisdom to accomplish every goal. This is not just another diet and exercise book! Drawing from the dramatic and candid true story of how fitness expert Ron Kardashian overcame the destructive cycles of health disorders to reaching millions worldwide is now yours!