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Trade Paperback
432 pages
Aug 2008

Lying on Sunday

by Sharon Souza

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Lying on Sunday, Sharon K. Souza’s second novel, tells the story of a woman whose secure world is suddenly shaken by death and betrayal. When Abbie Torrington’s husband dies and she is served a surprise side of divorce papers on the same day, he leaves her with more questions than answers. Though Abbie keeps her husband’s intentions a secret from her family, she still must deal with the consequences herself. It is only when she learns to forgive and move on with her life that she is able to let go. Abbie is struggling with John 8:31-32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Souza shows maturity as a writer in Lying on Sunday. The story is told from Abbie’s first-person perspective, with a few flashbacks that retrace her memories from before her husband’s death. Loveable and despicable characters alike are well portrayed, so that the readers feel as if they know them personally.

Abigail Torrington is the submissive, shoe-obsessed, trusting wife of big-time insurance salesman Trey Torrington. When Abbie receives word of Trey’s death in San Diego while he is supposedly on business in Dallas, her world comes to a crashing halt. On the same day, Abbie receives those divorce papers along with evidence that her husband was having an affair. Whereas the rest of her family expects her to grieve for her cookie-cutter perfect husband, Abbie must cope with the secret sting of betrayal. As Abbie finds new ways to rid her life of the rejection and pain that Trey left behind, she also remains strong for her two college-age daughters, who still think the world of their father. With her own motivation and the help of her good friend Shawlie and a few wise strangers, Abbie is finally able to break free from her past and embrace the promises of the future.

Though unfaithfulness, secrets, and death usually lead to the breaking apart of families, in Abbie’s case, they end up bringing her closer to the rest of her family. Her two daughters, head-strong, stubborn Bailey, and sweet, affectionate Becca, don’t understand their mother’s odd reaction to their father’s death at first, but eventually the three women show how much they really do love and care for one another. Abbie shows signs of becoming the strong mother she could never have been under Trey’s demanding shadow. The unveiling of Trey’s disregard for the sanctity of their relationship indirectly brings the healing Abbie needs to repair the other strained relationships in her life.

Lying on Sunday is an entertaining, motivating story about dealing with betrayal, loss, and struggling relationships. Readers will enjoy following Abbie Torrington as she learns to enjoy life despite all of her struggles. Mothers, daughters, wives, and single women alike will not be disappointed in Lying on Sunday. – Laura A. Coulter,

Book Jacket:

After Abbie learns her husband died of a heart attack in another woman’s bed, she must learn to forgive, while determining if the truth really can set her free.