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191 pages
Feb 2009
NavPress Publishing Group

Finding Hollywood Nobody (Hollywood Nobody Series, Book 2)

by Lisa Samson

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Finding Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson is a continuation of the Hollywood Nobody series for young adults. It’s a humorous but touching presentation of a girl’s developing relationship with God and her family in the always-quirky setting of films and film stars.

Scotty is a teenager in a movie-lover’s dream. She’s living in Hollywood with her grandmother Charley, who’s a food artist for moviemakers. Homeschooled Scotty hobnobs with celebrities every day, learning about movie production and following the big-name stars so that she can write about them, their characters, and their exploits on her gossip blog, “Hollywood Nobodies.” However, Scotty is still dealing with her past. Her father had been an FBI agent who was gunned down when she was a small child. Not only is she still grieving his loss and that of her mother shortly afterward, her stalker, dubbed “Biker Guy,” seems to be following her across the country. Seeking safety, Scotty and Charley head for a film shoot in Texas, where Scotty must learn valuable lessons about faith, prayer, and helping others.

This story is told through short prose sections written in first person present tense in combination with journal and blog entries that report on stars, offer quotes, and analyze trends. As Scotty begins hearing God’s voice speaking comfort to her, she learns some foundational Christian principles. These concepts, as they’re presented, are very basic and easy for new believers to understand.

This is a lighthearted book that is aimed toward teenage girls. Many of the plot points along the way may be predictable and typical of much YA lit, but young adults who enjoy reading People magazine and keeping up with celebrity gossip will find it entertaining. Its humorous style, in addition to Scotty’s love for cheese and vintage fashion, make the characters believable and lovable. As the story progresses, its message of hope and God’s grace is one that’s valuable for its audience to grasp. -- Lyndi Markus,

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Scotty Fitzgerald and her father search for Scotty’s mother, who Scotty always thought was dead. Along the way they encounter new friendships, life-and-death situations, and God's amazing love.