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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Aug 2008

Goodbye, Hollywood Nobody

by Lisa Samson

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Lisa Samson’s Goodbye, Hollywood Nobody is a fun, teenage adventure with a sweet family side. As it completes the Hollywood Nobody series, concluding the story of Scotty Fitzgerald, an enthusiastic, bright teenaged girl who is learning to find both her identity and her motivations in God.

Scotty, newly reunited with her father, has abandoned the blogging and the Hollywood blur to go search for her mother, whom she’s almost certain must still be alive somewhere. Based on a tip from one of her father’s FBI contacts, the two take off for Maine to see what they can discover. Meeting a dead end, Scotty decides to help out at a children’s foster home down south, where she meets her nemesis once again and has to learn God’s lessons about change and forgiveness. Charley, her grandmother, heads overseas to seeking romance. But is there still a chance for the family Scotty didn’t think existed to be reunited?

Because Scotty has given up the blogging effort, the book’s overall presentation contains more prose, and the text less sectioned and broken up than previous books in the series. This, in turn, allows for fewer pop culture references. It is fitting because of Scotty’s development as a character and her realization that she doesn’t need to spend valuable time reporting on others’ actions, but readers who are accustomed to the smattering of celebrity gossip through the other books will note this as a change in style. However, other story points effectively fill in any gap that may have been left by this change.

As Scotty’s story presses forward to its resolution, readers will discover that her growing faith is refreshing. Even though the book is still considered Christian young adult literature, and contains many familiar threads from that genre, this story will leave readers both touched and amused at its conclusion. – Lyndi Markus,

Book Jacket:

Charley’s off to Scotland with her new beau, and Scotty and her dad travel to Maine in search of Scotty’s mom. When they land on her mother’s last known trail, will their questions finally be answered?