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Trade Paperback
162 pages
Mar 2010
Barbour Books

McKenzie's Montana Mystery

by Shari Barr

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In McKenzie’s Montana Mystery by Shari Barr, Diamond Girl, a prize horse, has been stolen! Rumors are going around that the ghost rider is near. The girls follow strange clues to figure out where she is. Will they find her in time for the rodeo?

I liked this book very much and the cliff hangers leave you wondering what’s going to happen next. There is an overall theme of trusting God in difficult times, which is a great message for girls my age. The suspenseful times in the book scared me, and made me want to read more. I recommend this book for girls from ages 8-12. – Lauren Oliver, age 9,

Book Jacket:

When Bailey and McKenzie arrive to help at a horse ranch in Montana, they’re immediately entrenched in mysteries: a horse disappearing into thin air, spookiness in an abandoned western town, and ranch hand upheaval. And with all the unexpected action going on, how will they ever find time to prepare for their rodeo competitions? Can the Camp Club Girls successfully combine their skills to help Bailey and McKenzie save the ranch…and the rodeo for Sunshine Stables?