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Trade Paperback
544 pages
Apr 2011
Barbour Books

The Complete Visual Bible

by Stephen Miller

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Some of us are visual learners, and for us The Complete Visual Bible is a godsend in helping us to better understand what Scripture is saying.

The Complete Visual Bible is a unique resource. It is organized into chapters titled after the books of the Bible. Each chapter has a summary of that book with highlights of the text explained. In addition to this, there are several high quality drawings, maps, photographs, pieces of art, and diagrams to illustrate elements of the story that are the most interesting.

For instance, I have recently completed a study on the life of David. I wanted to see what The Complete Visual Bible had to say about David and Goliath. What I discovered was an illustration of the battle, a picture of a slingshot from that period, a picture of a Philistine casket, and a rock with Goliath’s name etched on it in his hometown dating to 900 B.C. (p. 112). These would be fun to show to a class if I were to teach on the subject, but also is enlightening for me as I seek to picture in my mind what is happening in Scripture.

The Complete Visual Bible is helpful for people who are studying God’s Word from many different walks of life. For someone who is a layperson just getting to understand the Bible, this will help make those difficult-to-follow passages a bit easier to understand. For a person who is used to studying the Bible more in depth, this will be a unique resource that helps them go a little deeper in understanding what the world looked like during Bible times. For a teacher in a church, this book will provide countless pictures that help his students visualize the Bible narrative. Finally, the way this is organized (by Bible book) will help the reader easily locate the resources they need and companion the book with the Bible text. – Clint Walker,

Book Jacket:

“See” the Bible in a whole new way! Brand-new from bestselling author Stephen M. Miller, The Complete Visual Bible will enhance your biblical understanding through hundreds of compelling images. Highlights of all 66 biblical books are presented both in brief, easy-to-read text and in beautiful paintings, informative photographs, colorful maps, and other graphic features. Miller brings both his seminary and journalism training to the project, offering fresh insights for readers of any age or background. Part Bible storybook, part study Bible, and part coffee table picture book, The Complete Visual Bible promises an enriching reading experience.