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Trade Paperback
248 pages
May 2008
Tate Publishing

Sarah's Promise

by Jim Baumgardner

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Opening on a scream and a despicable kidnapping, Sarah’s Promise continues piling tragedy, adventure, humor, and victory into this exciting novel. It’s shortly before the American Civil War, on a northern farm, one of the havens on the Underground Railroad. The owner of the farm is Sarah, a 13-year-old orphan. Her free black friends, Sam and Eliza, have just been kidnapped by unscrupulous, immoral southern slave hunters. As Sam and Eliza are cruelly forced south, Sarah rounds up her other friends and they set about trying to rescue them. Facing great challenges, aided by unexpected people, and hindered by others, Sarah faces danger, sorrow, and turmoil.

The second in Baumgardner’s Sarah series, Sarah’s Promise provides exciting reading and glimpses of a difficult era in American history. Sarah’s greatest wish is for a family of her own. A brave girl, who trusts the Lord and abides by His standards, Sarah lives an impulsive and fearless life, fully believing Psalm 27:14, “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart.” Granny Evans, a folksy, daring, humorous old lady makes a suitable sidekick for Sarah. When Sarah feels her faith challenged, Granny is there to support her. Baumgardner ‘s characters are pioneers from several areas of the USA. In conversations he has them speak in apropos dialects, made understandable for the sake of the reader. A Glossary of Terms also helps with this. Fun to read, this book also has several history and spiritual lessons to teach, including forming family with friends, trusting God even through trouble, love vs. hate, setting self aside for others. Sarah’s Promise will be enjoyed by older primary school readers through adult. – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

She's a white girl with black friends, a strong-willed thirteen-year-old loaded with grit.who has no intention of allowing the kidnapping of those friends to stand. Although it won't be easy, Sarah promises to get them back. As she searches for her friends, she begins to lose the only thing her parents left to her. For the first time in her life, Sarah is forced to fight feelings of pure hatred as everything she holds dear is threatened. In this thrilling sequel to Sarah's Wish, Jim Baumgardner presents another side of Sarah Smith. The loving teen, whose heart goes out to runaway slaves, is a young lady willing to fight. The hard-hearted slave catchers come calling-and find more than they bargained for. Follow the latest adventure as this girl struggles to keep Sarah's Promise.