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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Sep 2011
Harrison House

God Unwrapped

by Michelle Holloman

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In God Unwrapped, professional life-coach Michelle Hollomon points out how misconceptions about God and His love can cause us to careen off course toward dysfunctional behavior. Drawing extensively from her years as a licensed counselor, Hollomon believes the antidote is found in the rich truths of Godís Word.

We all have preconceived notions of who we think God is. Many of these notions are nestled deep within us and can be traced back to our childhood and the experiences we had with what Holloman calls our ďgod-figures.Ē These include parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, or anyone who has shaped our concept of authority. This can be good news for those whose god-figures were gracious and nurturing, but for those whose models were frightening, demanding, or impossible to please, the results can be detrimental.

One of the examples Hollomon uses is that of a 65-year-old man she counseled named Michael. Michael possessed business savvy and had enjoyed a productive career in a company he helped build. According to Hollomon, Michael should have been brimming with confidence, but, instead, he was dreading the days that lay ahead. Retirement was coming, and Michaelís work had not only been his entire life, but also his sole source of validation. After some digging, stories of Michaelís mother and her indifference to him as a child began to emerge. To compensate, Michael had spent decades seeking the approval of his colleagues. Living without that approval left a chasm in Michaelís life. It was easy for Michael to transfer his motherís unkindness and lack of approval onto God. However, Romans 2:4 sets the record straight by reminding all of us that Godís love is rich in kindness, grace, and patience.

Through similar stories, Hollomon does a good job of unwrapping the truths of Godís love from Scripture. Only then can we reshape our thinking and allow God to make of us all He created us to be. Ė Ann Sullivan,

Book Jacket:

Are you ready to see God in a brand new way? Are you ready to live a well-loved life? God loves you, He truly does. He is better than you might think. Some people grow up with a perception of Who God is. They think that God is out to punish them and that He is mad at them. That type of thinking is totally wrong. God is LOVE, but not the kind that you are used to. God is longing to be in a relationship with you and show you how much He loves and cares for you. God is not a distant, disapproving force that is difficult to please and unwilling to help. He is a loving, kind, gracious and good God. What you believe about God and yourself is indispensable to your growth and success at every level. Your view of God ultimately determines the difference between personal significance and emptiness, happiness and depression, success and failure. Examining and experiencing who God really is and what He really thinks about you is fundamental to getting unstuck from self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, dissatisfaction with yourself, and unfulfilling or harmful relationships. God does not look at you for all of your mistakes and downfalls; He looks at you as His CHILD. He looks at you through the eyes of LOVE.