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Trade Paperback
133 pages
Apr 2012
Tate Publishing

Family Mealtime Prayers

by Crystal Bowman, et al

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Has your family’s giving of thanks at mealtime become so commonplace that you can’t remember whether you said it? When it’s their turn to say grace, do your kids steamroll through it so fast that you can’t keep up? Dale, Cory, and Caleb Cangelosi and Crystal Bowman offer an alternative to the humdrum: Family Mealtime Prayers.

This book offers graces for adults, children, young children, and for holidays. Each grace opens with a principle explicitly emphasized for that grace. Then come the thanks to be read. In the adult section, the authors include scriptural references that support the prayer, but in the other sections they include the verses also.

Several benefits occur with reading the grace. First, you are teaching sound basic doctrine from a scriptural viewpoint. Second, you present the family with the opportunity to discuss the different principles read about, such as God’s character, his goodness to us, and our responsibilities. Third, you prevent the grace from being something as repetitive as pouring water in your glass.

The great objection that some people will have is to the idea of “reading” a prayer. Yet, much of the church has done just that for millennia. Just as a psalm or song may hold meaning for us in spite of our not having written it, so may a prayer written by someone else. Every time we say “amen” when someone else has prayed, we recognize that their prayer has meaning for us. And graces such as these show us just how much we have to be thankful for. – Debbie Wilson,

Book Jacket:

It’s been said that nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The time is long past due for a book that can transform and enrich the family mealtime with meaningful Scripture prayers. Because the mealtime prayer is an occasion when the whole family is gathered and gives their full attention to the parent, it is the perfect opportunity to bring God and his Word to the family. This book can replace the routine repetitive prayer with scripturally significant prayers that will bless the family and give them a growing knowledge of God's Word. There is no other book like it.

With this book, parents will have the powerful tool of Scripture prayer to assist them in being the spiritual leader of their family that God called them to be. Now they can use the mealtime prayer, not as a perfunctory ritual, as Jerry Bridges writes, but with prayers that “turn our hearts toward the God who provides our daily food.” Parents can then lead their family in Bible-centered discussion based on the prayer, during or after the meal. In today's world, the mealtime is often the only time the whole family is together and the parent has everyone's attention! This book will equip parents to pray with confidence, reach their children with the gospel, instill Christian truths and godly values and draw the family into a closer walk with the Lord and each other.