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Trade Paperback
74 pages
Jul 2006
Ross House

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Many Christians are extremely dubious of the teachings and research findings of Sigmund Freud. There is some validity in this, in that Freud was a Jew who had no use for Jesus and no appreciation of religion of any kind. Also, his early career was marked by major failures, not the least of which was believing that by having patients use heavy doses of cocaine, they could free their minds of emotional burdens. Obviously, this led to far more problems than solutions.

In this 2006 reprinted version of Freud by R. J. Rushdoony, with a new guest preface by his son Mark R. Rushdoony, the analysis of Freud's approach to solving man's problems is presented in light of the Bible's approach. Freud, for example, asserted that man was burdened with a huge natural weight of guilt. Man was guilty about failed love relationships, failed work ethic, failed parental care, and failed life fulfillment. The problem was, Freud offered no solutions other than to recognize this guilt, accept it, and try to move on. Conversely, the Bible says that yes, man is guilty of many evil deeds, and these are called "sins." By accepting Christ as Savior and by appealing to Him to forgive sins, man can be cleansed and become a "new creature." And there is where the difference lies. Freud has man stay his old creature and just try to cope with it, whereas Christ puts man's former self away and redeems him.

Although only 75 pages long, this little book is content heavy even to the point of being sluggish. A great deal of time is spent on Freud's obsession with mankind's wrestling match with sexual desires and societal limitations. The Bible gives many examples of man's sexual depravity, ranging from David's affair with Bathsheba to the judgment of the prostitute who was brought before Jesus. In each instance, there was judgment, repentance, forgiveness, and a new way of life. However, with Freud, there is scientific analysis of behavior, followed by incarceration in an institution or jail, followed by hope that the individual will be self-restraining in the future (good luck on that one).

The publication of this book was funded by a research organization started by Rushdoony called Chalcedon Ministries. As such, this is a self-published, limited edition book aimed at a target market of select readers interested in contrasting the philosophy and psychology of mankind with the theology and salvation message of Christ. Lay readers will find it heavy going, so be forewarned. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Why read a book on Freud? As long as man views guilt as a problem for science instead of religion, the influence of Sigmund Freud will remain lurking in the mind of modern man. Freud was an architect of the modern mind - and unholy builder - like Marx and Darwin. Freud was also a hater of religion - specifically the Bible and its absolute standard. He believed Biblical theism to be the 'delusion' which compounded man's central problem of guilt. Freud wanted man to accept his moral predicament without reference to sin. Freud's motivation for psychoanalysis became the removal of guilt by self-acceptance. He posited that man's moral predicament was inescapable and guilt inevitable, unless man could come to terms with his moral prison. This ideology has spawned the new morality of our time where both the homosexual and Christian must accept and embrace an immoral lifestyle. It is now called mental sickness for the homosexual to condemn himself, and evidence of mental illness for anyone to condemn the homosexual. This is a destructive ethic, consistent with Freud seeing himself as a destroyer. His purpose was to disassociate guilt from sin, making it a problem for science rather than faith. Through this revision Freud hoped to destroy religion. But the removal of Christian religious influence leads only to tyranny as the Christian God is replaced by the dictatorial rule of the scientific elite. Totalitarianism assumes the place of the Triune God as scientific rulers seek control over every facet of life. Freud's therapy was scientific socialism: a syncretism of the scientific and political agendas of modern man. This analysis of one of history's most insidious players will provide insight into the modern rush to abolish Christianity and Biblical thought.