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147 pages
Jul 2006
Northfield Publishers

Called: Hello, This Is Mrs. Jefferson. I Understand Your Plane Is Being Hijacked. 9:45 Am, Flight 93, September 11, 2001

by Lisa D. Jefferson

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On September 11, 2001 Lisa Jefferson was the Verizon Airfone supervisor who spent fifteen minutes on the phone with Todd Beamer, one of the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93.  The experience was one that changed her life as she knew it, and her message is one she believes God wants her to share.

 Lisa’s detailed account of that fifteen-minute conversation as an “ear-witness” was extremely interesting.  What was especially remarkable was how she felt a supernatural calm that she had never experienced before.  They prayed the Lord’s Prayer together and she now acknowledges that she just happened to be the one chosen to talk to him before he faced eternity.  The experience was a reminder that we have God to help us do what is right and in way that honors Him.

 Lisa discusses her fear of whether she had done all that was humanly possible that day, and how she felt drained; she describes the stress, numbness, tears, the job responsibility she still had, her doubts, and communicating the message Todd had for his wife who carried their unborn child.  She shares what she believes living for God really is: serving others.  I loved her explanation of tears and what they do, how biblical counseling was a tremendous help spiritually as she began to understand that as she put it, “God was using me in the midst of this tragedy.”  Lisa also learned that God had more faith in her than she had in herself, and she went on to learn more and more about God.

 Above all, Lisa is driven to honor the memory of those brave passengers on Flight 93, with Called as a tribute to them.  In addition, she believes that God has given her a compelling message for anyone seeking to know God’s purpose, and I believe that also.  Read, enjoy, and be challenged to find your significance. – Debra Murphy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This is the gripping story of the United Flight #93 heroes who gave their lives when America was attacked – and the woman who heard it all happen. On September 11, a day that changed America forever, Lisa Jefferson, a suburban wife, mother and GTE Airfone supervisor, was also forever changed as she took a call from the air – from Todd Beamer, the hero whose “Let’s roll!” battle cry stirred a nation.

This is the story of an ordinary woman changed by an extraordinary experience that will inspire readers. Jefferson gives a personal account of the events that unfolded on United Flight #93, and encourages readers to consider how they might rise to the challenge of responding to extraordinary circumstances in life with courage—the hallmark of an “everyday hero.”